SCGP adopts new logo to conform with its vision as a leading multinational company To foster recognition of sustainable business vision

SCG Packaging Public Company Limited (SCGP) has adopted a new corporate logo that aligns with the vision to become a leading multinational integrated packaging solutions provider and reinforce business operations with targets that combine quality and sustainable growth. The inspiration is derived from the concept of the infinite growth of the business, community, society, and the world.

Mr. Wichan Jitpukdee, Chief Executive Officer, SCG Packaging Public Company Limited, or SCGP, revealed that SCGP has drawn up a vision to transform the Company into “Multinational Consumer Packaging Solutions Provider” while putting in place a business plan to create growth with quality and sustainability. The goal is to expand the business and marketing operations to regional spheres such as ASEAN, Europe, North America, etc., the introduction of integrated solutions, the development of new products and innovations as well as services that are universal and sustainable, in order to offer experiences beyond expectation and the fulfill the demand of customers and consumers under the most modern production process and technology with the highest standard. Also significant is the Company’s business operation conducted with responsibility towards the environment, the society, and concern for every group of the Company’s stakeholders under the framework of the ESG concept.

To emphasize vision and strategies, SCGP has redesigned the company logo to reflect the distinctiveness of the Company and its international identity that fosters strong linkage among subsidiaries within SCGP. The new logo also represents the delivery of high values to customers through products, services, and solutions, as well as reinforces and creates a clearer direction of the business operations towards continuous and sustainable growth.

The new SCGP logo

The new SCGP logo has been designed under the infinite growth of the business, community, society and the world concept based on the “SCG” logo with the use of large, bold capital letters to convey trust, confidence, and good governance that has long been accumulated over time. The letter “P” is the essential identity to represent “Packaging & Possibility” that together have been developed from “People”, including employees, partners, customers, and the society, with the “Passion” that everyone shares for our better “Planet” and the readiness for the “Infinite” growth. The four letters have been redesigned to be more rounded to reflect flexibility and adaptability, along with the selection of blue as the principal color of the logo to represent the brand’s reliable personality, while the orange color represents the inspiring personality based on the blue field. When the two colors are combined, the overall image represents a stable and sustainable driving force of creativity combined with the “Infinity Growth Line” to reinforce the circle of endless growth, as in the readiness to meet the demand of customers, consumers, partners, and the society.

This new SCGP logo reflects the determination, dedication, and the will to lead SCGP towards the goals of growth at the ASEAN level and the readiness to expand to other regions consistently and sustainably supported by personnel who are unfailingly skilled and brimming with creative energy, and the business synergy within all of SCGP’s 57 production bases around the world, in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Spain, and the Netherlands. The ultimate aspiration is to develop packaging solutions that can meet the customers’ diversified needs and satisfy the actual usage of the consumers that will help to make the way of life more convenient and comfortable.

Published on: Aug 2, 2022

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