SCGC’s REPCO NEX Joins Forces with Critical Facility to Develop an Advanced Lightning Protection Solution to Elevate Industry Safety Standard

Bangkok – August 11, 2022: Rayong Engineering and Plant Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals (SCGC), and Critical Facility (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CFT) signed a memorandum of understanding for a collaboration on products and services to deliver an advanced integrated lightning protection solution in order to elevate safety standards for operators in industrial plants and prevent damage to equipment and machinery, which may result in operational disruptions. The service will be offered to customers across major industries, such as petrochemicals and chemicals; energy; food, beverages, and medicine; packaging, automotive, and electronics in various countries in Southeast Asia, from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Advanced integrated lightning protection solution

Mr. Chokchai Montreeamornchet, Managing Director of Rayong Engineering and Plant Service Co., Ltd. (REPCO NEX) under SCGC, said, “As a provider of integrated engineering solutions and maintenance services, REPCO NEX recognizes the significance of safety in industrial plants, especially against natural disasters, such as lightning strikes, which can occur frequently in the monsoon area and cause devastating damage to life and property. According to the Department of Industry, each lightning strike can cause a damage of up to THB 250 million. In addition to direct damage to the plant, building, electrical system, or machinery, lightning can also cause major fire. For this collaboration, REPCO NEX will be bringing its expertise and years of experience in the industry and joining forces with lightning protection system expert Critical Facility (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CFT) to deliver an advanced lightning protection solution under the supervision of a team of professionals at every step of the process to raise the bar for plant safety, prevent potential damage, provide assurance to operators, and ensure the safety of communities.”

Mr. Chokchai Montreeamornchet, Managing Director of Rayong Engineering and Plant Service Co., Ltd.

Mr. Pratheep Kingthong, Managing Director of Critical Facility (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CFT), stated, “Lightning protection has in recent years gained more attention and awareness due to many lighting-related incidents and damage in the region. The effects of global warming have led to irregular weather patterns, resulting in increased thunderstorms and thereby increased risks of lightning-related catastrophes in this lightning-prone region of the world. In addition, the rapid advancement of modern technology has created a huge gap between its adoption and the lightning protection technology required to protect such advancement. CFT was formed with the objectives of mitigating growing risks resulting from irregular weather patterns and of bridging the critical gap between technological advancement and lightning protection solutions. It offers unique and state-of-the-art lightning protection capabilities comprising innovative proven products and a strong technical foundation in lightning physics. The deep collaboration between CFT and REPCO NEX is a synergy that will add REPCO NEX’s highly dependable and advanced engineering capabilities to CFT’s unique strength. This strategic partnership has established the most effective lightning protection offering, capable of meeting the urgent needs of critical industries in the 4th industrial revolution.”

Mr. Pratheep Kingthong, Managing Director of Critical Facility (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

About REPCO NEX of SCG Chemicals (SCGC)

REPCO NEX is a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals (SCGC) and provides comprehensive maintenance and asset performance services, from engineering, operations, maintenance to inspection through the use of technologies and digital solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the petrochemical industry, REPCO NEX leverages its expertise to develop products, services, and solutions that assist customers in achieving efficiency, sustainability, and eco-friendliness in their business operations.

About Critical Facility (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CFT)

CFT is a distributor of lightning protection systems, surge protection systems and equipment, and grounding systems and has a network of experts on lightning and related systems in various countries. CFT offers various services from inspection and consultation to design and installation and has been a trusted name across various industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, aviation, hospitality, and tourism, for over 10 years in Thailand.

Published on: Aug 15, 2022 

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