SCG Cement-Building Materials Launches Digital Office Offering Total Solutions

As the needs of consumers in the digital age are becoming more diversified, businesses are accelerating to adapt to their changing demands. SCG Cement-Building Materials business is continuously developing innovative products, services, and total solutions in order to cater to the needs of customers in every dimension, while leading the way for distributors and stakeholders to grow their businesses together as an ecosystem.

Recently, SCG Cement-Building Materials has established the Digital Office under the lead of Mr. Apirut Vanchaam, Chief Digital Officer, SCG Cement-Building Materials, who is set to take a key role in driving forward the business in this digital era while enhancing the efficiency of the business in offering better products, services, and total solutions for customers through the implementation of digital technology in its business operations according to the vision of Mr. Nithi Patarachoke, President, SCG Cement-Building Materials.

Digital Office: Beginning with “Customers” Instead of Digital Technology

Mr. Apirut said that the organization’s Digital Office will greatly help SCG, especially SCG Cement-Building Materials business, to transform its business operations quickly while adding new values that will answer to the needs of customers in this digital era when all sectors are being disrupted. The missions of the office are: 1. Enabling the business to understand customers deeply and diversely through new channels, 2. Adapting new business models in order to drive digital businesses to open new opportunities for the organization to grow exponentially, and 3. Using digital technology which will allow the former two missions to develop more efficiently, quickly, and to better cater to the needs of customers.

Though the name of the new unit has the word ‘digital’, its operation is not led by digital technology, instead, the heart of the Digital Office is the “customer” as the unit will pass on the value and experience necessary to win customers in the age of the Experience Economy when customers expect to receive both value and experience from businesses. Thus, everyone on the team would start by exploring the meaning of the home as well as factors that enable a high quality of living before designing the Customer Journey Experience to truly cater to the lifestyle of customers. What SCG offers is much more than building materials, but also experiences, therefore, the team must understand what customers are looking for in their life, and adapt technology to create a good experience for them so that customers will receive the utmost benefit. With this understanding, SCG will be able to truly play a role in the customer’s life.

“People do not by roof tiles because they needed shade, and they do not buy bricks, rocks, cement, or tiles because they needed stability. People are not buying houses, but they are looking for a place to build a family and a future. Businesses today must try to understand this idea and design the right experiences for customers,” said Mr. Apirut.

เทคโนโลยี Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality Technology

Seeking New Data and Technology to Accurately and Deeply Understand Customers

Meanwhile, Mr. Apirut said businesses today are able to access a wide range of data much more easily compared to the past, thus, this is a good opportunity for them to better understand the needs of customers in order to find the right way to take care of customers and create a lasting relationship with them instead of waiting for customers to approach the store. The availability of new technology also provides an opportunity for businesses to design new experiences for customers.

“SCG has been developing the Active Omni-Channel that will enable the business to connect to customers both online and offline, making it more convenient for customers and possible for SCG to cater to the needs of customers in every dimension, anywhere, any time. Moreover, we have a plan to study and develop Retail Technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) that allows customers to visualize the designs of their rooms by themselves, Virtual Reality (VR) that allows customers to see a virtual plan of their homes before construction, the Shopping Assistant Robot that provides information to customers while they are selecting products from the store, to Mixed Reality (MR) that helps customers understand the different types of SCG materials and solutions without having to search through the entire store while offering them products and services that will best suit their needs.”

เทคโนโลยี Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Technology

A Determination to Develop Total Solutions for Customer

Mr. Apirut concluded that, “With our business operation, I believe that we will help enable customers and business partners to receive innovative products, services, and solutions that truly matches their needs. SCG is determined to become a part of the customer’s life, not just for the house or home-building process, but no matter what age or lifestyle of the customer, SCG will be able to communicate with them on any topic and offer them total solutions. Today, we are not just offering them products, but we want to offer better living for everyone.”

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