Chinese Academy of Sciences Combines Forces with SCG, Mobilizing Researchers to Develop Innovation for Future

“Chinese Academy of Sciences,” the world’s top research institute, partnered with “SCG” through CAS Innovation Cooperation Center (Bangkok) to jointly develop and share knowledge in the fields of technology and innovation in 5 industries: Smart City, AI/Machine Learning and Robotics, High Value Chemicals, New Energy Business, and Environment and Sustainability. For the first time in Thailand, the “SCG-CAS ICCB Innovation Hub” has been established to promote technology transfer and licensing, joint innovation research and development, human resource development and joint investment aimed at stimulating innovation, raising competitiveness and fostering innovation in service sector and industry between Thailand and China to meet the needs of the market and future trends. The initial project value totaled over 100 million yuan.

Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President of CEO of SCG, disclosed, “SCG envisions the partnerships with leading institutes and organizations, both at home and abroad, as a manner to enhance the capability and foster knowledge sharing, enabling SCG to speedily and efficiently develop products and services that meet the needs of customers throughout ASEAN region. Examples include packaging that fits the diverse lifestyle and consumer convenience, superior strength plastic resins designed with less material consumption, and construction solutions. Partnership is a vital mechanism to strengthen businesses as evidenced by the 2018’s strong revenue from sales of High Value Added Products & Services (HVA) at 184,965 MB or 39% of total revenue from sales, while the spending on research and innovation spending totaled 4,674 MB or a mere 1% of total revenue from sales.

SCG is exceptionally pleased that the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), a top academic institute that plays a significant role in science development and remarkable contribution to China’s notable technology and innovation, has forged partnership with SCG to research and develop sciences, technologies and innovations through CAS Innovation Cooperation Center (Bangkok) (CAS ICCB) since 2018. The goal of the joint effort is to accelerate new technologies to meet emerging market needs through various activities such as educational visits at research institutes and technology companies, innovation and technology exploration that fits a diverse array of demands, and a proof-of-concept (POC) testing of innovations such as Sensor/IoT, Smart building and factory, and Air pollution management.

To expand collaborations and provide SCG’s access to leading China’s innovation ecosystems and technological sources which will foster creativity in innovation for the business sector and industries for both Thailand and China along with improving the lives of the people in the society, the MoU was signed today through CAS ICCB. The signing was witnessed by Thailand’s Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha and Chinese Premier H.E. Mr. Li Keqiang.”

Dr. Jiang Biao, Director of the CAS Innovation Cooperation Center (Bangkok), added, “CAS ICCB is one of 9 CAS offshore branches that plays a prominent role in exploring partnerships with leading organizations abroad to showcase CAS scientific work. CAS comprises more than 100 research institutes with a total of about 70,000 researchers & team members, a network of 800 senior researchers, and 3 affiliated universities.

Today, we are very pleased to build a platform that can connect SCG, a leading organization in innovation in Thailand and ASEAN to the world’s leading technology and innovation ecosystems at CAS and other networks in China. The key focus area is put in 5 future industries: 1) Smart City e.g., Smart Building, Energy Management, 2) AI / Machine learning and Robotics, 3) High Value Chemicals, 4) New Energy Business e.g., renewable energy, energy storage system and 5) Environment and Sustainability. These industries are expected to have the high growth potential that can meet the diverse demands of the customers worldwide and contribute to the SCG’s business development in all core business units.

CAS ICCB is firm that this partnership will foster transferring of technology and innovation, which will benefit Thai-Chinese service and industrial sectors driven by marketing experimentation on innovation in ASEAN’s leading country like Thailand. The partnership is in line with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) under the initial project budget of 100 million yuan or approximately 500 MB. The project budget which will cover the cost of researchers, technologies, venue, and laboratory equipments as well as returns from innovation creation.

Chinese Academy of Sciences with SCG Develop Innovation for Future
Chinese Academy of Sciences with SCG Develop Innovation for Future

The collaborations between SCG and CAS Innovation Cooperation Center (Bangkok) will include:

  1. Establishing the “SCG-CAS ICCB Innovation Hub” at INC2 Tower D building at the National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand Science Park, in Pathum Thani province. The hub will take up space of SCG’s Open Innovation Center and become a venue for exhibiting innovations and hosting academic conferences. The venue will also serve as R&D Laboratory and office space for collaborative R&D between SCG and CAS and CAS researchers. Besides, the venue will open for Startup incubation and acceleration to support Chinese startups to do business in ASEAN with SCG both in the form of consultation, joint-project development, or market testing and expansion from created innovations.
  2. Leveraging technologies of CAS or startup network under CAS to benefit Thailand through technology transfer and licensing or applying them in other verticals/applications or developing them into new SCG’s solutions. Seek to license CAS specific technologies/intellectual property to further develop innovations such as the application of sensor/IoT technologies from CAS to develop SCG’s solutions e.g. Smart Building or Plant Reliability Monitoring.
  3. SCG-CAS Joint Research Project to develop new technologies and innovations that meet the needs of SCG’s core business units.
  4. Serving as Thailand and China’s human resource development incubator with advanced educational training or intensive short courses in the form of technology and innovation knowledge sharing or workshops provided by SCG and CAS experts or network partners.
  5. Forging joint investment to explore investment opportunities in sciences and technology funds with high commercial potentiality in China or search possibilities in establishing funds for joint technological and innovation development in ASEAN.

“SCG has high hopes that this partnership will unleash the power of technology and innovations of the two organizations which will share and complement resources and create a broader ecosystem to develop innovative products and services that speedily and efficiently meet diverse consumer demands. The partnership will improve competitiveness and build sustainable growth for SCG’s core business units as well as allowing SCG to explore new business opportunities that will strengthen relationships between Thailand and China,” concluded        Mr. Roongrote.

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