SCG and Starboard, leading global water sports equipment manufacturer signs a memorandum of understanding

SCG, Chemicals Business, represented by Dr. Suracha Udomsak, Vice President, Chemicals Business In charge Chief Technology OfficerInnovation and Technology has joined hands with Starboard, represented by Mr. Svein Rasmussen, Chief Innovator, to sign a memorandum of understanding for the Collaboration for Sustainable Futureproject to adopt the circular economy concept in solving global environmental issues especially global warming and climate change. Mrs. Kjersti Rodsmoen, the Norwegian ambassador to Thailand, congratulated and supported the partnership between the two companies. The scope of the partnership covers three key initiatives: developing eco-friendly materials, promoting environmental activities, and creating awareness and inspiring behavioural changes. Chemicals Business, SCG will apply its knowledge and expertise in material science for polymer and product design to develop new raw materials that are environmentally-friendly for Starboard’s products. In terms of environmental acitivites, both companies will focus on mangrove reforestation to absorb carbondioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. As for awareness and consumer behaviors, the partnership targets youngsters to promote knowledge about efficient resources usage. Both companies believe that the three key initiatives will pave way for sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

Mrs. Kjersti Rodsmoen, the Norwegian ambassador to Thailand, said that “The Norwegian government is committed to environmental issues and climate change, which is a global agenda and everybody’s responsibility. Initiatives that are widely believed to alleviate climate change include mangrove reforestation to absorb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and instilling environmental conscience among youngsters in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These future generations will be the main driving force to ensure the protection of our natural resources. The partnership between both companies is an applaudable effort by the business sector to expedite change by using their expertise to solve environmental problems together.

Dr. Suracha Udomsak, Vice President, Chemicals Business In charge Chief Technology OfficerInnovation and Technology, Chemicals Business, SCG said that “Environmental issues especially global warming and climate change require everyone’s cooperation to solve. Both SCG and Starboard realize the enormity of such issues and have a shared goal and commitment to restore environmental sustainability. This commitment has led to the partnership to apply circular economy in order to achieve sustainable development goals  in terms of economic, social and environment dimension such as  developing new materials and studying environmental impact, as well as social and environmental efforts such as mangrove reforestation to reduce carbondioxide. We truly believe that our combined knowledge base and expertise can bring about positive change that will help solve global environmental issues and preserve natural resources for generations to come.

Mr. Svein Rasmussen, Chief Innovator, Starboard, said that “Forming partnerships for sustainable business growth is our goal. We have collaborated with our partners both domestically and internationally to protect the environment through many initiatives, including voluntary trash collection through the running of Trash Hero Bangkok, mangrove reforestation to absorb carbondioxide with Worldview International Foundation, and exploring business initiatives with Chemicals Business, SCG to research and develop environmentally-friendly polymer materials to use in Starboard’s products. Another important aspect of the partnership is educating youngsters in our ‘Ambassadors for the Planet’ program to mold children to become advocates for environmental protection. We believe that with our strengths combined, we will achieve our goal under the three directions we have set under the partnership and will be able to amplify the success on a global level.”

SCG and Starboard for MOU on Collaboration for Future

The Collaboration for Sustainable Futureproject between SCG and Starboard is a significant milestone in driving circular economy and fighting global warming. Both organizations are committed to creating new innovations and solutions to create a better and more sustsainable environment and society.

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