SCGP Received Best Sustainability Awards and Best Innovative Company Awards from SET

SCGP has reaffirmed its position as a sustainable and innovative organization with quality awards from The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). SCGP has recently received 2 SET Awards 2023 in the Sustainability Excellence group under the categories of Best Sustainability Awards and Business Excellence for the Best Innovative Company Awards for two consecutive years. Additionally, SCGP has achieved a AAA sustainable stock rating from the SET ESG Rating, reflecting its commitment to operating under the ESG framework through innovating packaging solutions for customers and contributing to the planet’s sustainability. As a result, it has earned confidence and recognition in the Thai and international stock markets.

SCGP has been awarded the SET Awards 2023, presented to organizations and individuals in the Thai stock market sector for demonstrating quality work and elevating standards, contributing to the economy’s and society’s long-term growth for two consecutive years. In the Sustainability Excellence category, under the Best Sustainability Awards for listed companies with a market capitalization of over 100 billion baht, SCGP is recognized for conducting its business according to sustainable development and Circular Economy principles throughout the value chain. This includes enhancing the efficiency of collecting used paper for recycling to continuous research and development of sustainable packaging, fostering collaboration with partners in caring for society and the environment, and being guided by good corporate governance that considers all stakeholders within the ESG framework with a focus on sustainable business practices, good governance, inclusive stakeholder consideration, and balanced economic growth alongside social and environmental development.

Furthermore, SCGP received the SET Awards 2023 in the Business Excellence category for the Best Innovative Company Awards for its innovative D.O.M system, a comprehensive odor detection and monitoring solution. By employing technology, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to digitally capture and process odor data, the system provides real-time results. This enables precise identification of odor characteristics and intensity, offering customers efficient management solutions for odor issues. It aids in enhancing the standard of environmental air management, leading to sustainable environmental stewardship and management.

SCGP has recently received 2 SET Awards 2023

SCGP has recently undergone a sustainability evaluation by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, or SET ESG Ratings, achieving an AAA level this year. This rating is a significant indicator for listed companies that conduct business with consideration for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and serves as critical information for investors seeking to invest in quality companies.

These are a source of pride for SCGP, reflecting its dedication and commitment to creating innovations that grow the business and maintain a balance within the ESG framework in the dimensions of environment, society, and governance sustainably and to international standards. This has led to recognition and set an example of an organization that develops sustainably for the Thai capital market.

Published on: Nov 22, 2023

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