KTC Partners with Solar Energy Development Division and SCG to Launch KTC FIT Talk #10 “It’s Time for Alternative Energy to Shine: The Energy of Survival” Seminar.

KTC, a leader in the consumer finance business, captured the global environmental conservation trend and organized the KTC FIT Talk #10 seminar, centered on the theme “It’s Time for Alternative Energy to Shine: The Energy of Survival” to enhance knowledge and promote accurate understanding among the public. The seminar will feature representatives from the government and business sectors associated with renewable energy, providing insights into alternative energy trends, the adoption of electric vehicles and solar cells in Thailand, as well as opportunities for household-level access to alternative energy. Special privileges will also be offered to alleviate the financial burden on credit cardmembers and consumers.

Mr. Watcharin Boonyarit, Director of Solar Energy Development Division, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, stated, “The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, under the Ministry of Energy, is actively promoting and supporting the continuous production and utilization of renewable energy in alignment with the Renewable Energy and Alternative Energy Development Plan 2018-2037 (AEDP 2018). Our objective is to achieve 30% utilization of renewable energy by 2037. Our focus is on developing renewable energy in various forms, including electrical energy, thermal energy, and fuels in the transportation sector, driven through a range of measures.”

“In addition, the Ministry of Energy has formulated a new national energy plan intending to progress towards Carbon Neutrality 2050, where carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced, absorbed, or offset by an amount equal to CO2 emissions, aligning with the framework of the National Energy Plan. This plan sets the target of generating not less than 50% of electricity from renewable energy, intending to deepen the promotion of renewable energy usage and energy conservation. It also includes policies to encourage the adoption of electric cars. These initiatives fall within the collaborative scope of developing and promoting the use of alternative energy between the public and private sectors, fostering a cooperative effort to propel societal progress and advance the use of alternative energy in various contexts, such as promoting investments in green businesses, incorporating more clean energy, and facilitating the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and perspectives in terms of business needs.”

Mr. Suwat Tepprechasakul, Head of Credit Card Marketing Division, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, revealed that “KTC is a Thai financial institution established by and for the Thai people. We are conscious of and consistently prioritize conducting business in accordance with ESG principles or operational concepts that emphasize sustainability. This includes our commitment to fostering a favorable environment for Thai society that can be passed on to future generations. Recognizing the increasing necessity of alternative energy derived from nature to replace traditional sources, we have planned various marketing strategies to engage Thai people and KTC credit cardmembers in the realm of renewable energy, making it accessible and tangible. Studies have shown a growing popularity in the electric car market and analyses of the KTC credit card spending database in the electric vehicle (EV) category from the beginning of 2023 to the present reveal consistent growth of 6%. This trend is likely to continue for both EV cars and electric car charger systems, along with insurance tailored specifically for EV cars. We are also on the lookout to explore opportunities to remain a driving force in steering society towards sustainability.”

Mr. Wachirachai Koonamwattana, Head of Smart System Solution Business of SCG Cement-Building Materials, stated, “Megatrends are driving the increased popularity of solar systems. This includes the rising popularity of electric trains and the continuous evolution of technology which have enhanced the efficiency of system equipment, resulting in lower costs and greater accessibility for solar systems. Currently, on-grid solar systems are the most popular due to their fast payback and the ability to sell excess energy back to the electricity authority in public sector solar projects. If you are considering installing a solar system, in addition to considering the energy consumption behavior of homeowners, attention should be given to the standard of equipment in the system and choose a trusted installation service provider for long-term care.”

Mr. Wachirachai Koonamwattana, Head of Smart System Solution Business of SCG Cement-Building Materials

Mr. Nattasit Soontranu, Head of Credit Card Marketing Division, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, discussed the marketing collaboration to contribute to a positive environment in Thai society, “Another aspect of KTC’s business operations that we consistently consider is the integration of sustainability strategies. This is done through partnerships with various businesses that align with our commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimensions. KTC selects benefits that are meaningful and cater to the needs of our credit cardmembers. Recognizing housing as a fundamental human necessity, KTC has prepared special privileges that serve as solutions to the ideas and lifestyles of our credit cardmembers, particularly the environmentally conscious new generation seeking value in their spending choices. Our aim is to provide correct and appropriate access to alternative energy which includes the increased accessibility of solar roof products. From 2021 to 2023, the total KTC credit card spending on the installation of solar roofs grew by an average of 10%.

Currently, KTC offers various special privileges for solar roof installations, including a 0% installment plan and extra cashback to ease the burden on KTC credit cardmembers. For more information, call 02-123-5000 or visit Solar Roof (ktc.co.th). We believe that nowadays alternative energy is important and will receive more attention from the environmental conservation and sustainability trends. KTC, therefore, wants to be a part of offering value to KTC members. When you think of a solar roof, think of KTC credit cards. In addition, we remain open to collaborations with businesses related to alternative energy and invite those interested in becoming our partners to provide special privileges to our members. Merchants interested in using KTC’s payment service (KTC Merchant Acquiring) can apply at www.ktc.co.th/merchant or contact the KTC Merchant Business Call Center at 0-2123-5700.”

Mr. Suwat concluded, “For those considering a switch from traditional energy vehicles to electric cars (EV), KTC is delighted to offer a comprehensive range of special privileges for KTC credit cardmembers, including 0% interest installments for car reservation fees and down payments on electric vehicle (EV) cars, enjoy up to 16% cash back or earn up to 1,000,000 special points, and more. For more information, please visit KTC Credit Card Promotions: Cashback, Discounts, Free Gifts and Much More or contact 0-2123-5000.”

KTC Partners with Solar Energy Development Division and SCG to Launch KTC FIT Talk

Published on: Nov 29, 2023

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