SCGC Promotes Eco School and Develops Youth Model for Circular Economy; Signs MoU with Public Sector and School to Drive Waste Management, Boost Recycling Volume, and Encourage Hands-On Learning

14 February 2023: SCG Chemicals, or SCGC, Map Ta Phut Municipality, Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate Office, and Map Ta Phut Phan Pittayakarn School, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to drive solid waste management through the educational sector with efforts to instill and foster a sense for environmental conservation among secondary school students. The program aims to promote hands-on learning by integrating waste management teachings at Map Ta Phut Phan Pittayakarn School and establishing a waste bank as a venue for activities and knowledge of the path of recyclables, as well as a center for sorting and collecting recyclable waste to achieve recycling under the principles of the circular economy. In addition, the web application “KoomKah,” developed by SCGC, will be used to efficiently manage the waste bank, improve recycling volume, reduce landfill, and promote the Eco school approach in Rayong Province in a concrete manner.

Mongkol Hengrojanasophon, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited (SCGC), said, “SCGC continues to prioritize environmental and social stewardship and promotes circular economy principles to communities to increase the volume of recyclable waste and decrease the number of landfills through waste management education under the “Waste-Free Community Project” and the “KoomKah” web application, which helps manage waste bank data. The initiative has grown into the “Upcycling Milk Pouches Project,” which teaches kindergarten and primary school students how to dispose of huge volumes of milk pouches. Used milk pouches are repurposed into classroom chairs, providing young people with a tangible example of resource circulation. It is hoped that SCGC’s projects will foster good waste management behaviors in children early on, which will then be passed on to their families and communities.”

“This partnership grew out of the waste management programs with local government agencies and schools as part of the Eco school initiative, which focuses on secondary school students to build youth and model schools for waste management and environmental sustainability. Prior to this, SCGC brought in experts to provide basic waste sorting knowledge to students and school staff at Map Ta Phut Phan Pittayakarn School. And it will continue to create benefits from recycling materials, particularly plastic items. In addition, the digital system “KoomKah” has been introduced to improve the functioning of the school’s waste bank, where students can engage in experiential learning.”

Tawin Phobuathong, Mayor of Map Ta Phut, said, “Map Ta Phut Municipality collaborates with many sectors to drive environmental projects and activities, especially waste management, to create healthy and safe communities and reduce environmental impacts. We also realize the significance of educating the youth, who are the future of our communities and nation, about waste management. In partnership with SCGC, Map Ta Phut Municipality will educate young people about waste management and improve education by establishing an organic waste station where food and organic waste can be recycled into fertilizer without contaminating recyclable waste. We seek to build an efficient waste management process by maximizing resources, decreasing community waste, and promoting recycling.”

Chakart Patanasri, Director of Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate Office, said, “The Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate Office is willing to assist with the circular economy initiative that aims to promote young people’s knowledge and understanding of waste management by providing waste sorting equipment such as garbage bags and organic waste sorting equipment, among others. This is for young people and the school to encourage teaching and learning through hands-on experience and to facilitate the efficient operation of the school waste bank. We believe that the youth will significantly convey and transmit waste management practices to communities.”

Wichai Yingprasert, Principal of Map Ta Phut Phan Pittayakarn School, added, “SCGC has given basic training on how to sort trash in the school so that students and staff know and understand how to sort different materials based on the principles of the circular economy. This partnership between the public and private sectors and the school integrates knowledge within and outside the classroom so that students can learn by doing. Activities include waste management camps, educational visits to garbage dumps and community waste banks, and activities to learn how to sort waste using waste banks. We seek to develop young people who are knowledgeable, prepared to serve as role models, and able to explain to the public the value, processes, and outcomes of waste management, which is at the core of the circular economy.”

Map Ta Phut Phan Pittayakarn School in Rayong Province has over 3,000 middle and high school students and over 180 school staff. Most of the waste at school consists of food scraps, plastic water bottles, and paper containers.

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Published on: Mar 16, 2023

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