SCGC Named Asia’s Greatest COO 2023 for Operational Excellence, Using Digital Technology to Improve Operational Efficiency

Bangkok : SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited, or SCGC, was awarded Asia’s Greatest COO 2023 at the Asian Business & Social Forum 2023 (ABSF) organized by AsiaOne, Asia’s leading news portal. The award was presented to Mongkol Hengrojanasophon, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SCG Chemicals (SCGC). The award is based on the recipient’s leadership in enhancing domestic and Asian industries using digital technology and executing it with empirical results across the supply chain.

Mongkol Hengrojanasophon, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SCG Chemicals, said, “SCGC lays tremendous emphasis on implementing digital technologies throughout the supply chain by integrating data technology with operational technology to achieve the next level of operational excellence. Machine learning systems are employed to forecast raw material costs and use optimization models to make efficient machine operation decisions, including a Realtime Performance Management system to quickly obtain information on machine operation, enabling production plan adjustments to be made promptly in response to market conditions. This includes the Digital Reliability Platform (DRP), which holistically oversees machine performance management and enables efficient operation and maintenance of the machine. Furthermore, we have implemented the Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) to increase sales efficiency and speedily respond to customers.”

Mongkol Hengrojanasophon, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SCG Chemicals

In addition, SCGC promotes green manufacturing through innovation and technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the global warming crisis by encouraging the industry’s sustainable coexistence with communities and the environment.

Asia’s Greatest COO 2023 was awarded to SCG Chemicals (SCGC) in recognition of its 20 years of unwavering excellence in operational practices that foster sustainable business growth. This is a result of a vision and its leadership in the use of digital technology to improve production process efficiencies, such as a collaborative operation between SCGC and AVEVA to develop a “Digital Reliability Platform” (DRP) to support Industry 4.0 with twin digital platforms; the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help manage the precision of plant management and boost the efficiency of machine operation.

“Digital Reliability Platform” (DRP)

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About SCG Chemicals (SCGC)

SCG Chemicals, or SCGC, is a leading integrated chemical player in ASEAN with strategic bases in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand, offering petrochemical products ranging from upstream production of olefins to downstream production of 3 main plastics resins: polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride.

SCGC focuses on inventing “Innovation That’s Real” to drive the ASEAN economy and elevate the quality of life in accordance with ESG and circular economy. SCGC focuses on developing HVA products and services to meet a diverse range of needs, covering infrastructure, consumable packaging, mobility, medical and well-being, and energy solutions, alongside sustainable environmental stewardship.

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Published on: Mar 14, 2023 

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