SCG updates on 5 up-and-coming home, living and construction trends in 2022, fine-tuning to ‘now normal’ for better living today and tomorrow

Bangkok It is hard to deny that the now twoyear COVID19 outbreak and the gradually intensified global warming have changed how we live and work, forcing us to realign our daily living contexts with the new normal that has already becomenow normalas most of us are already accustomed to it: we learned to live with foreplanning, and yet we are ready to adapt to unpredictability. Therefore, as the innovation leader in building materials, home and building, SCG is introducing SCG for Smart Living, Smart Cityconcept that finetunes to the newly evolved way of life, plus updates on five upcoming home, living and construction trends in 2022 that will fit perfectly into the now normal for better living and quality of life.

Mr. Nithi Patarachoke, President of Cement and Building Materials Business, SCG, said, “COVID-19 and global warming have triggered the now normal in home and construction. People want home to be safer and more hygienic to promote health and well-being, greater comfort and better functionality. At the same time, they are putting more emphasis on energy saving, eco-friendliness and sustainability. Everyone is adapting, realigning their lives with the now normal. For most, home is the ‘safe space’ where they live and spend time doing so many things, including work, study, and leisure activities. SCG believes that innovation and digital technology can play a key role in driving the world of living and construction towards a better future. We have integrated these elements into our concept, and we are sharing newly updated home, living and construction trends of today and tomorrow to give everyone a source of ideas for better and more sustainable living.”

Mr. Nithi Patarachoke, President of Cement and Building Materials Business, SCG

5 Up-and-coming Home, Living and Construction Trends in 2022

Smart Living & Building introduces digital technology to home design, making it possible for occupants to turn on/off and control devices in their home or building smartly in favor of greater convenience, higher safety and better energy saving. It includes the likes of voice command system, sensors, application, digital platform and automated home appliances. Foreseeing this trend, SCG has developed a range of innovative home and living products and solutions such as Solar Roof Solutions, Smart Toilets and Sensor Faucets, IoT Sensing Thermostat, Wide Coverage Wireless Monitoring System and Air-conditioning and Ventilation Systems. It has also developed Smart Living Application that keeps these SCG innovations connected to the users on one platform.

Health & Wellbeing promotes hygiene as a top priority of today’s time amid growing concerns over health threats like COVID-19, PM2.5 and other viruses and bacteria. Imagine how good it would be if we can condition our home or building to minimize these risks for long-term health and well-being of all occupants, especially the elderly and young children. SCG has introduced innovations that will make living much more comfortable, safe and worry-free. Among them, Active AIRflow™ System increases air ventilation, which helps reduce accumulation of germs and mugginess while improving indoor air quality. Active AIR Quality System manages indoor air quality by filtering particulate matters and air pollutants to let only fresh air in and maintain a sustainable condition of pollution-free home interior. Other innovative products on this trend include anti-bacteria product such as Hygienic Tiles and Sanitary Wares with Ultraclean Plus Technology, for example.

Sustainable Living coincides with sustainability as a megatrend on the global scale. A lot of people have changed their preferences towards more sustainable choice of building materials in terms of eco-friendliness, resource saving, energy saving and safety for occupants. Identifying them is not as difficult as you may thought: anyone can spot them by looking for SCG Green Choice label that certifies eco- and health-friendly products. The selection ranges from structure, concrete, roof tiles, wood substitution, smart board for ceiling, wall and floor, sanitary wares and fittings, ceramic tiles through to solar roof and roof renovation service and more. In short, it covers everything one would need to build and ensure an entirely ‘green’ house or building.

Home Transformation thrives on an idea that home is evolving more and more into a multi-functional space, being home as it traditionally is, while adding functions as remote workstation, classroom, gym and recreational space of family members. Some homeowners have recreated their home spaces or considered home extension to cope with diverse needs of family members. To maximize multi-functionality of each space, an area within bedroom or living room can be allocated to work or study, a sitting area can be added to kitchen for relaxation, work and dining, and front yard may be redecorated as playground or workout zone with wind-down corner or parking. Building materials and solutions for these spaces include lightweight, soundproof partition system that allows quick installation with minimum impact on everyday living and less waste materials, and smart board wall panels with acoustic materials from SCG. Garden and outdoor spaces can be recreated with hardscape materials, carport roofing sheets and awnings, for example.

Construction Transformation centers on design and construction of the future, which is being transformed by emerging technologies and innovations in the field of construction. They help reduce construction times and minimize wastes at construction sites. They are friendlier to the environment and offer better precision and entirety. An example of widely used technologies is 3D Cement Printing that supports both construction and sophisticated decoration with ability to print creative patterns and shape the workpieces as desired. Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology brings great precision to construction across design and construction management and quality control from pre- to post-construction stages. In addition, Drone technology enables site evaluation before project design and planning to help minimize construction errors and increase work safety at construction sites.

5 up and coming home living and construction trends in 2022

“At SCG, our business operation is aligned with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concept that serves as our social, economic and environmental framework. We innovate with “Passion for Better” to ensure that our products, services and solutions enable people to enjoy a better quality of life by responding to ever-evolving needs in terms of living and construction and simultaneously contribute to environmental sustainability,” Mr. Nithi concluded.

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Published on: Dec 23, 2021 

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