SCG unfolds 2021 business plan, ready to drive sustainable growth with Innovation & Service Solutions, Digital Transformation, and Sustainable Development

Home innovation leader SCG unfolded its business plan for 2021, pointing out that the trends for good hygiene, wellbeing, working from home, and environment will be key growth drivers in the market for building materials and living amid newlyemerged challenges. To digitize business in aligning with the new normal, the use of digital technology will be intensified to strengthen business operations across the supply chain with overall concept of Transformation with Innovation”. The plan will drive forward three key areas of excellence: Innovation & Service Solutions, Digital Transformation, and Sustainable Development. In addition to new innovations to be expected from across products, services, and solutions, it will address changing consumer behaviors with SCG HOME Active OmniChannel and emphasize on social and environmental contribution side by side with business growth and development of SCG people to keep them abreast of the changing world. SCG expects to increase the number of products with SCG Green Choice labelling by 30% this year.

Mr. Nithi Patarachoke, President of SCG CementBuilding Materials Business, revealed, “The market for building materials and living in 2021 will be driven by people’s well-being needs: consumers are looking for products and solutions that provide health safety and good living hygiene. At the same time, with the uptrend of remote working, consumers are looking for digital technologies that will enable them to work from home more conveniently. They are also increasingly aware of sustainable development and have a growing preference for eco-friendly products and solutions.”

Based on these trends, Mr. Nithi said the company would take a “Transformation with Innovation” approach by intensifying its use of digital technology to tap into new opportunities, address customers’ needs, and reinforce its business operations from upstream to downstream with three-pronged business plan for 2021.

  • Innovation & Service Solutions for good health and hygiene of the consumers will be the focus of development. Planned launches for this year include Smart Building Solution that employs IoT technology to improve air quality and increase energy efficiency. Product diversification in bathroom category will see addition of COTTO Touchless Series of sanitary hardware and anti-bacterial COTTO Hygienic Tiles. Moreover, innovations in response to COVID-19 outbreak will make construction quicker, cleaner and safer, such as Medical Solution by CPAC BIM, Bathroom Mobile Unit, and positive pressure room built with Smart Board Ultra Clean Wall Solution. Innovations for energy efficiency and eco-friendliness will include Active Air Quality and Solar Roof solutions that have already expended into the non-residential market. At the same time, Smart Living Platform will enable customers to manage SCG solutions within their home easily. BAUEN by SCG will also be launched officially as an end-to-end renovation service solution in addition to construction and living, which underscores SCG positioning as the provider of end-to-end service solutions.
  • Digital Transformation will integrate digital technology into every aspect of business. On consumer front, stores will be more e-commerce oriented than before, connecting offline and online store experiences with SCG HOME Active Omni-Channel technology. Big data analytics and AI will be used to gain customer insights for future product and service development and build a stronger ecosystem that connects contractors, builders, and partners by means of technology to help deliver better services to homeowners. As for digital technologies for production, Industry 4.0 approach will be extended, including introduction of smart digital operation and automation systems to the company’s production operations.
  • Sustainable Development is aimed at creating a nice balance between business growth and pleasant society and environment. Sustainability will be a treasured value across its supply chain, being applied it in three different areas of business operation. Firstly, in product and service development, the company has a goal to increase its offerings in SCG Green Choice category by 30% this year. Secondly, Green Plant will increase the use of alternative energy, such as through installation of solar power system and use of EV forklifts. And in terms of social responsibility, return contribution to the society and the environment will continue. Most recently, the company and its dealer stores have handed over its innovations for public interests, including positive pressure rooms that were built with Smart Board Ultra Clean Solution, CPAC BIM Medical Solution, and Bathroom Mobile Unit.

SCG will provide active support for self-development of its people with primary focus on skills needed in modern-day context, such as digital competency, data analytics and service excellence. The company continuously seeks partnerships with educational institutions to boost its capability to innovate products and solutions. At the same time, it continues to work closely with business partners to grow its expertise in online retail.

SCG unfolds 2021 business plan, ready to drive sustainable growth.

“The key to business growth today is to obtain consumer and market insights and adapt to changes quickly. We believe that integrating digital technology and sustainability approach into every aspect of business along with reinforcement of our strength in service solutions will bring sustainable growth and development to our business, the society, and the environment. We will continue to build a stronger business ecosystem and expand our open innovation partnerships to jointly develop innovations for the consumers. Based on this business plan, we expect to grow in line with the overall market and increase our profits from improved business efficiency and production cost,” Mr. Nithi concluded.

Published on: Mar 2, 2021

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