SCG ready to enter markets for solar roofs for households & factories due to surging demands for electricity consumption reduction, aiming to secure sales growth of 600% by the end of 2021

Revealing a burgeoning demand for solar roof systems. As the overall electricity consumption is rising owing to a growing number of people working from home, the average for an electricity bill is increasing by approximately 30 to 50%. Also, due to the constant development of solar technologies, the price of a solar roof has become more affordable. The installation of solar roofs is, therefore, considered a worthwhile long-term investment. Last year, the sales of SCG Solar Roof Solutions rocketed by almost 200%. This year, 2021, SCG is prepared to penetrate solar roof markets in residential, industrial and commercial sectors to satisfy surging demands for electricity cost reduction. Our services and solutions are now available across the country. Our strengths are the expertise in roof and the in-depth knowledge of solar energy systems. Our high-quality products come with a 25-year warranty. With the Solar FIX innovation invented by SCG, there is no need to worry about leaking as the installation process involves no drilling. Our installation services are comprehensive, including obtaining necessary permits. The company aims to secure sales growth of 600% by the end of 2021.

Mr. Thongchai Sophon, the managing director of SCG’s roof business group, SCG Roofing Co., Ltd., revealed that SCG, as a leader of construction material innovations, has never stopped developing the quality of services and solutions to address customers’ diverse home needs. Since last year, house owners’ behaviour has changed. They tend to spend more time at home, for instance, working from home to reduce the risks of coronavirus infection and exposure to PM 2.5. This contributes to higher electricity consumption during the daytime, which means an increase in electricity bills by 30-50%. To reduce their expenditure, they seek for solutions and solar roofs have become one of them with the break-even point being within merely 7-10 years. Furthermore, from investors’ perspectives, the installation of solar roofs can yield a return of approximately 10% per annum, which is higher than saving money in a bank. Also, recently, the Metropolitan Energy Authority (MEA) has raised the purchase price in the solar power buy-back scheme from 1.68 baht per unit to 2.20 baht per unit. This makes the installation of solar roofs a more interesting and worthwhile investment.

SCG Solar Roof Solutions Residential

“Overall, the global solar rooftop market is growing continuously in both industrial and household sectors. Thailand’s market for solar rooftops is expanding continually as well. The market value is about 8,200 million baht. Due to the change in customers’ behavior, solar roofs have become more demanded. However, customers’ knowledge and understanding of solar roofs have still been limited. For instance, little has been known about the installation standards, the standards of operating equipment and the process of obtaining necessary permits. Accordingly, SCG have developed services and solutions that can address those issues. Through Omni-Channel and digital marketing, the sales of Solar Roof Solutions grew by almost 200 % last year.’

Mr. Thongchai then said, ‘This year, we are aiming to attract two groups of customers: the households and the factories and commercial buildings. ‘SCG Solar Roof Solutions’ is ready to get into markets for solar rooftops for factories and commercial buildings which have a high consumption of electricity during the daytime to satisfy business owners’ needs to cut down electric bills. We have experienced energy consultants, who will help maximise the efficiency of the installed solar systems. It is believed that the breakeven point of solar roof installation is merely 5 – 6 years. We also have investment consultants from various backgrounds, who will help customers make a wise investment decision. Our installation teams are now ready to provide services across the country. We expect a sales growth of 600% by the end of 2021.’

SCG Solar Roof Solutions Non residential

SCG has a wide range of services and solutions that can satisfy the diverse needs of house and business owners. With excellent designs and proper installations by our teams of qualified engineers and mechanics, customers can be ‘sure’ that the efficacy of the products purchased will be maximised and their electricity bills will reduce by up to 60 %. Besides, with SCG’s Solar FIX innovation and roof health check after installation, customers will ‘not have to worry’ about leak problems. Moreover, our solar panels manufactured with American production technology are guaranteed to last 25 years, whereas our inverter using Swiss technology comes with a 10-year warranty. Customers, therefore, can be certain that our products are ‘of high quality’. Furthermore, customers are ‘facilitated’ by a one-stop installation service, which includes obtaining necessary permits, and by SCG Solar Application, which allows them to follow up the electricity production in real-time. In addition, with our after-sales services certify that customers can be sure that they will be supported throughout the 25 years of warranty.

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