SCG Partners with Ministry of Commerce: Promoting Thai Designers to International Markets with Circular Economy Product Development to Save the Earth

SCG, represented by Mr. Syamrath Suthanukul (fifth from left), Chief Marketing Officer Marketing and Branding, Cement and Construction Solution Business, Cement-Building Materials Business, has partnered with the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, represented by Mr. Somdet Susomboon (sixth from left), to create added value for waste materials in the “Globalize Thai Creators 2020” project in order to creatively design and develop waste materials into new products through the practice of upcycling, which is one of the methods of resources management that are in line with Circular Economy and Sustainability for Product Development.

For the Globalize Thai Creators 2020 project, SCG shared its knowledge and experience in creating value from cement bags that were intended to be destroyed by transforming them into bags and other items for everyday use in the project called “Kid-Chak-Tung” or “Think-From-Bags” with 60 of the new generation of designers in the Talent Thai & Designers’ Room project organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion with the aim to inspire them to design other creative products. Meanwhile, SCG is still open for new collaborations with experts in the area of designing and developing products that are in line with circular economy and also looking to expand its distribution channel to offer a variety of products to cater to customers who care about saving the earth.

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