SCG, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education Signs Agreement to Promote the “School Check-up: Enhancing Safety in Schools” Project

SCG by SCG Logistics Management Co.,Ltd. and SCG Distribution Co.,Ltd. has joined hands with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education to sign an agreement to promote the School Checkup: Enhancing Safety in Schoolsproject (checking up the school environment for safety issues) in order to assess the risk in schools and surrounding areas with the aim to enhance the safety of students and personnel in the school under the concept of Checking First, Knowing First, Preventing First, Safety for Life”.

Mr. Nattapat Suwanprateep, Chief of Inspector General, Ministry of Interior, revealed that, “The Ministry of Interior realizes the importance of developing the quality of life for Thai people along with their safety. Schools must ensure that their environment and rules help keep students safe from unexpected accidents or injuries. Thus, the “School Check-up: Enhancing Safety in Schools” project (checking up the school environment for safety issues) will help decrease the risk in schools and dangerous spots in the surrounding areas through safety checks in line with the designated standards. Moreover, we are promoting this project among the governors of all provinces nationwide and working with the Ministry of Education to select the schools from each province that will participate in the pilot stage of this project.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Rakana Tantawutho, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education said, “The School Check-up project offers many benefits to the schools, especially to students, the management, and school personnel. The Ministry of Education understands the importance of developing children and youths who are key human resources that will drive our nation in the future by uplifting their quality of life and the standard of education while creating a safe space at school and in the surrounding areas. The school should be a place that is free from all dangers, thus, for the safety of students and related personnel, the Ministry of Education is promoting this project to all relevant agencies in the ministry including schools nationwide. Also, for each province, we are selecting one school under the Office of the National Primary Education Commission to act as a model school in this project.”

Mr. Paitoon Jiranantarat, Managing Director, SCG Logistics Management, added that, “The School Check-up project is another step in continuation of the Smile Kid School Bus project in which SCG had the opportunity to work with both the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education since the beginning of 2019 until now. SCG has always understood the importance of promoting safety among children and youths, thus, we have installed GPS technology on school buses to control the safety of the vehicle and decrease the rate of death among children who are abandoned in these buses as well as ensure that buses are driven at a speed within the limits of the law. The School Check-up project is focused on ensuring the safety in schools by using SCG’s expertise in construction, for example, checking for structures in the school compound that needed to be repaired and providing advice on risky spots where accidents may occur.”

Mr. Bunn Kasemsup, Head of SCG HOME – Retail and Distribution Business, said, “SCG has a policy on safety in the workplace which is a core policy of the company. SCG Distribution, the service provider for the construction outlet SCG HOME, is introducing the QChangplatform which offers a one-stop service and solution from quality teams of contractors via digital technology to facilitate customers in contacting and preparing for repair works. Moreover, we provide repair services by contractors who meet necessary standards and select quality materials from SCG for schools while also offering useful knowledge and advice to schools in order to enable them to ensure safety in the school’s physical environment. Schools that participate in the check-up program in this project will become safer places while the project will enhance the readiness of the schools as a quality educational institute for our youths.”

The School Checkup project is a starting point where different sectors can help ensure a safe environment for students and school personnel in order to decrease the risk of accidents in the school area through safety check-ups in schools in line with nationwide standards. The Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education are providing the necessary information, the personnel as well as the means to promote this project among schools, while the private sector which is SCG Logistics Management and SCG Distribution are offering their expertise in giving advice, assessing the risks in schools and in the surrounding areas, as well as implementing a digital platform to help with repairs in school buildings in order to create more confidence for students, school personnel, parents, and related parties. Currently, check-ups are being carried out in pilot schools in Bangkok and vicinity with plans to expand the project to all provinces nationwide.

Schools interested in joining the project may seek more information at 02-586-1784, 02-586-1783 and 02-586-4405 around the clock and follow SCG news at / Facebook: scgnewschannel / Twitter: @scgnewschannel and Line@: @scgnewschannel

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