SCG Logistics Partners with Startup MyCloud Fulfillment to Strengthen Fulfillment by SCG Logistics, Empowering SMEs with Big Data to Thrive in E-Commerce

SCG Logistics joined hands with a startup company MyCloud Fulfillment to take a step forward in incorporating digital technologies to deliver insight analysis with Fulfillment by SCG Logistics. This transformative move will help lead online sellers to accelerated growth while promoting e-Commerce, which recorded 12% growth compared to the previous year. The Company aims to expand services to ASEAN and China.

 Mr. Paitoon Jiranantarat, Managing Director of SCG Logistics, said, “the SME E-Commerce market grew 12% growth compared to last year. The Fulfillment service has played an increasingly important role at all stages of SMEs activities ranging from inventory management, packing, and shipping. As a result, fiercer competition has extended into the horizon of fulfillment arena while SMEs entrepreneurs are putting their best efforts to thrive.  SCG Logistics, a leading logistics company with end-to-end service, relishes this opportunity by incorporating digital technologies to deliver Digital Driven Logistics coupled with creating Open Innovation to enhance service capabilities and meet the rapidly changing consumer demands together with fostering a sustainable startup ecosystem
in line with the SCG’s core values. The partnership with MyCloud Fulfillment, a leading startup for fulfillment solutions, has a mission to provide comprehensive and simplified service solutions equipped with Data Analysis to gain a better understanding of end-consumer needs, empowering SMEs entrepreneurs to develop products and services to meet and exceed customers’ demands. The service coverage will be expanded to ASEAN and China in the future.”

Mr. Nithi Satchatippavarn, Managing Director of MyCloud Fulfillment, said, “The collaboration with SCG will arm MyCloud startup with business consultations that help accelerate advancement. Besides, with the two companies’ combined expertise and innovation development efforts ranging from advanced inventory solutions, SCG’s All Size Fulfillment services, MyClould management systems i.e., Stock Allocation and Demand Forecast, customers can leverage in-depth data for better business planning in production process, cost management, sales and communication. The offered solutions have expanded services beyond than just inventory management, packing, and shipping.”

Customers will enjoy the most comprehensive fulfillment experience from inventory management, packing, shipping of all sizes such as furniture, plus-size office items. Customers can keep track of inventory and item status from the online platform on top of the feature Cash on Delivery or COD where the payment will be made to the sellers’ pocket within one day after the receipt of shipment. The added feature is Data Analytic which will provide essential insights of customers behaviors to help sellers develop business strategies more efficiently.

If you are interested in our fulfillment service, please reach SCG Logistics at 02-586-6777 / 02-138-9920 or visit  or Facebook : scglogistics or contact LINE : @SCGLFULFILLMENT or MyCloudFulfillment at 02-138-9920 or visit or Facebook : MycloudFulfillment or LINE : @mycloudgroup

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