SCG HOME gears toward retail, targets homeowners via omnichannel, simplifies home renovation

SCG HOME gears toward the retail business to capture consumers’ insightful demands via products and services with the omnichannel. The ubiquitous platform is connecting homeowners’ experience to simplify home matters such as designs, contractors, decorations, and after-sales services. The platform aims for the ultimate home shopping and renovation journey to build on a solid, long-term relationship with valued customers.

Bunn Kasemsup, Managing Director, SCG Distribution Co,Ltd. , shares that research reveals that, today, buyers prioritize convenience when choosing their purchasing channels. Therefore, SCG HOME has rolled out the easy access omnichannel. This includes expanding the physical stores throughout the country. This year, a plan is underway to increase 33 SCG HOME outlets to make a total of 50. These stores will have a diverse essence that fits the consumers in each location with different shop sizes and layouts. In the process, SCG HOME will collaborate with local businesses, thus, nurturing the value chain of contractors and business owners.

Moreover, customers can personally call the SCG HOME contact center, which this year, will integrate voice bots that will enhance the convenience and offer new interactions. By mid-year, investments of almost 20 million THB will be dedicated to revamping the SCG HOME Experience on Ekamai-Ramindra road. This flagship store will continue to serve customers’ home ideas by further elevating and easing their experience.

Bunn Kasemsup, Managing Director, SCG Distribution Co,Ltd.

This move echoes the readiness in the retail business for construction materials, decorative items, and solutions that are more targeted at homeowners. The objective is to embrace their needs and provide services for home renovations. Strategies emphasize 1) the omnichannel for utmost convenience 2) good quality products and services to match consumer needs and 3) integrating the channel experience from the idea to completion. SCG HOME’s omnichannel seeks to seamlessly combine offline, in-store, and online interactions. The expectation is to deliver the best experience in every process. This is a strategy grounded on the true understanding of the shifting market and consumers.

SCG is renowned for its expertise in construction structures from foundations to roofing. Moreover, attempts for perfection are carried out via collaborations with Boonthavorn who is well-known for their skillfulness in home decorations for ceramic tiles and bathrooms. Also, SCG HOME partners with Hardwarehouse who specializes in construction tools and hardware. From the move, SCG HOME has become a one-stop solution for the home with a variety of available products. Upon arrival, consumers are met with a range of profound home solutions that go beyond simple construction materials. This includes the solar roofing system that conserves energy, home cooling solutions for the sizzling summer, services to fill the gaps under the home caused by soil erosion, touchless sanitary ware for hygiene, and services such as air conditioners or house cleaning.

“Consumer behavior has altered. Today, they are increasingly embracing online purchases. This quarter, the total sales via the SCG HOME online channels are expected to increase 4.5 times Y-o-Y. Moreover, research shows that 95% of consumers who are renovating homes still rely on contractors. In this group, 1 in 3 tend to renovate the home even when there is no problem with the house. However, during the renovation process, a majority of customers encounter problems. This involves selecting the right design and material, finding a reliable contractor, questioning installation standards, and long-term quality control. If these problems are addressed, consumers are ready to renovate. SCG HOME includes this pain point in the marketing plan that seeks to alleviate the obstacles that customers must endure. Aside from the products, SCG HOME offers solutions such as sales, consultation, and finding dependable contractors. This becomes a one-stop-service where consumers are worry-free.”

The SCG HOME executive further elaborates that SCG HOME is developing a super-platform that stems from consumer insights. This platform will connect the consumers, SCG HOME, and stakeholders. Collaborations are with Design Connext, the platform to uncover designers, interior designers, and landscape designers as well as partners who can offer solutions. Also, SCG HOME teams with Q-Chang, a platform that will seek a handyman who will assist with installations, renovations, and services such as repairs and cleaning by a selected team. Via this system, homeowners can acquire reservations using calendars, get notifications, and receive after-service guarantees.

We believe that home building doesn’t begin or end in the store. So, how can we harmonize and make it an easeful experience? This begins with decoration ideas, designs, material selection, renovations, to the moment tenants move in. This is the story behind the platform which will launch at the Architect’21 in June 2021. It will fulfill homeowners’ experience and, this year, we plan to dedicate over 30 million THB for branding and communication.” Bunn summarizes.

Published on: Apr 7, 2021

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