SCG Develops Digital Solutions to Efficiently Manage Inventory

The packaging business is another business group of SCG that has a bright future ahead. However, with more intense business competition and the need to quickly cater to the demands of customers with total solutions, the business has been adapting in several ways. “Data management” is the key change that the business is undertaking, as good data management and appropriate use of data will allow the company’s operations to become more efficient and create other business opportunities along the process.

An example of a solution to develop data management in a tangible way at SCG Packaging is the “Angel Store on Cloud” system that utilizes technology to efficiently manage databases. Previously, there has been issues arising in the operation such as duplicate data and difficulty in confirming data status. Moreover, the process of data management is time-consuming and requires a high level of precision, which could bring about problems if databases are managed by only one person. Also, as there are several production plants in the packaging business, enabling real-time access to data will give the business a competitive advantage. Meanwhile, machine learning can help the company to decrease the amount of materials in its warehouses. In the future, if there are certain materials that do not need to be stored, the system will help decrease the storage for these materials.

From Issues in Inventory Data Management to Developing New Solutions

Mr. Surasak Amawat, Industry 4.0 Transformation Director at SCG Packaging revealed that the start of Angel was when the company had the initiative to promote internal startups which is focused on understanding the behaviors of users in the entire work process and employing the test and learn method over a short period of time in order to use the results to improve the work process.

“The team started by observing the real work process along every step of inventory management in order to learn about the process and understand the problems that needed to be solved. Then, to find an efficient method that can fix the problems, we carried out the test and learn trial by using solutions developed by our team of experts and offered a chance for employees to take part in coming up with the solution and letting them experiment with these solutions. After that, we slowly improved the process until we got a process that works perfectly.”

Mr. Surasak Amawat, Industry 4.0 Transformation Director at SCG Packaging
Mr. Surasak Amawat, Industry 4.0 Transformation Director at SCG Packaging

Angel Facilitates Processes from Goods Received – Storage – Goods Issued

Angel is a digital platform that can be accessed through an application on its website, and is available for both computers and smartphones. The program can facilitate processes from “Goods Received – Storage – Goods Issued” so the entire inventory process becomes much more accurate and is easier for users, eliminating work time spent by 50% and also lowering the amount of stocks.

Mr. Surasak added that “Angel helps track all data from the process of ordering, receiving goods, payment, to issuing goods. All of these data are stored systematically, lowering the risk of loss in every step. Angel also helps to analyze the appropriate amount of stock so that the organization can accurately plan how much material to purchase, decreasing the amount of unnecessary stocks and eliminating extra costs. Moreover, the program increases the transparency of inventory and cash flow as we can track all processes in real-time. Angel allows the organization to improve the management of cross-factory data by using machine learning technique to lower material costs across the business with efficiency.”

Feedback for Angel: Enhanced Efficiency and Practical for Operations

Mr. Surasak also said that Angel has receive good feedback from users as the tool can be adopted to enhance the efficiency of the work process and facilitate users. By creating a virtual model of the inventory in an online and real-time system, the program has eliminated the complicated documentation process and has fully enabled a digital transformation in the organization.

“In the past, if we needed to find out the total inventory, employees would have to enter the warehouse, find the location of the inventory, and take a lot of time to input all the data in a report. Today, with Angel we can check the inventory by scanning the QR code and the system will automatically generate an online report. Document management and approval would traditionally be done on paper and would take a lot of time until approval is granted from responsible persons, however, we have sped up the process as everything can be approved online. Moreover, while it would take hours to check and lower the number of inventory as all the process is done by hand, with Angel, users can check over 10,000 inventories at one time with speed and accuracy, allowing warehouses to decrease the amount of stocks by 10-15%.”

Next Steps for Angel to Enhance the Efficiency of Procurement and Storage for Businesses

SCG Packaging has a plan to develop Angel to expand to other uses as well as to implement the program in other businesses in order to enhance the efficiency of the procurement and storage process for other businesses in various industries.

“We are working on expanding the scope and scale of Angel so that it can be used for procurement, storage, payment, to system development in order to enable the program to be implemented across various industries that relies on both large- and small-scale inventory management. If this platform is widely adopted, we will have the opportunity to find other manufacturers with similar inventories and raw material, and Angel can be further used as a trading or exchange platform for materials.”

Those interested can learn more about “Angel Store on Cloud” at For further inquiries, contact 081-889-9985 or and to follow other news from SCG, visit / Facebook: scgnewschannel / Twitter: @scgnewschannel or Line@: @scgnewschannel

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