Makro and Dezpax Leads the Market with Total Food and Beverage Packaging Solutions: Catering to the High-Growth Delivery Market and Demands of Restaurant Owners

Siam Makro Public Company Limited, a leading wholesaler of food and nonfood products for restaurant owners, represented by Mr. Yutthana Peangsoontorn (2nd from left), Associate Director Commercial NonFood, has joined hands with Dezpax, a startup with total packaging solutions for the food and beverage industry by SCG, represented by
. Patompong Deepanya (2nd from right), Chief Executive Officer, signed an agreement to provide total food and beverage packaging solutions, from offering a large selection of quality food and beverage packaging to printing solutions for logos with the objective to elevate the capabilities of restaurant owners nationwide, tap into the growth of the food delivery market, and to ultimately become the leader of total food and beverage packaging solutions.

Mr. Yutthana Peangsoontorn, Associate Director Commercial NonFood, Siam Makro Public Company Limited, said, “Makro has received the trust of over 200,000 HORECA businesses in the food and beverage industry nationwide. Apart from culinary knowledge and skills as well as efficient restaurant management, another demand in this industry is for a tool to help develop their brand and packaging in order to make their restaurant and products stand out from others during the New Normal way of commerce and services, while also considering cost restraints. This strategy is in line with insights that the food delivery market is growing at a rate of 10-15% continuously. The cooperation between Makro and Dezpax will create more one stop solutions for restaurant owners so they can better manage their costs and strengthen their brand through well-designed packaging complete with their logos without a minimum printing amount so restaurant owners can efficiently develop and uplift their brand.”

Mr. Patompong Deepanya, Chief Executive Officer, Dezpax, explained that the strength of Dezpax is that the company is a startup with expertise in packaging solutions for food and beverages. “Dezpax understands the importance of brand building and value adding through the use of packaging. We also understand the costs for owners of restaurants and food deliveries in the aspect of monetary costs and time costs in a highly competitive market. Therefore, we have developed an online total packaging solution by offering a large selection of quality food and beverage packaging for owners to select for their food and beverages. We also offer printing solutions for the packaging with their logos through the platform which facilitates our customers, decreases the amount of time, and lowers costs during the process of packaging selection and ordering so that they can have more time to manage other parts of their business.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Prakit Worawattananon Head of Startup Studio, ZERO TO ONE by SCG, revealed that, “Dezpax is one of SCG’s internal startups that has the readiness to provide services for restaurant operators nationwide. SCG has adopted the way of thinking of startups as well as applied the way startups operate to carry out its businesses in order to quickly create opportunities for new business models. Therefore, we have introduced the “ZERO TO ONE by SCG” startup studio open to our employees with a focus on establishing startup businesses from new ideas, from the initial stage to the stage where we expand the customer base. The startup studio has gathered knowledge, work processes, and assessment methods that are appropriate for startups in different stages. Dezpax is a startup with impressive growth that is in the stage of expanding its customer base.”  

Makro and Dezpax Leads the Market with Total Food and Beverage Packaging Solutions

Those interested can discover Dezpax Studioat Makro Sathon branch from today onwards. For more information, contact 02-676-0676, 02-676-1676, visit or add LINE: @dezpax. For other SCG news, visit / Facebook: scgnewschannel / Twitter: @scgnewschannel or add Line@:@scgnewschannel.

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