It is time… SCG urges Thais to change the world you care for the future

At present, climate emergency has escalated to become mankinds harshest threat. Not only have natural disasters, new epidemics, destructed biological diversity, and various other consequences affected living conditions, but extend to influence economic activities and altered the lives of people from all walks of life.

To curb the aftereffects of global warming, the World Economic Forum or WEF estimated that costs may sore to $1.7 trillion or around 52 trillion THB by 2050, a mere three decades from today. This figure is also expected to escalate to $30 trillion or approximately 918 trillion THB by 2075, a drastic price to pay to resolve manmade problems.

Not only is it a pain for the earth, but the dreams of future generations are also collapsing.

Research findings from world-leading institutions have portrayed a worrisome future. Next generations will reside and grow amid an environment that is prone to problems that require more and more challenging solutions. A rather relatable item, the chocolate, may risk becoming a stranger to humans in the future. Experts are raising concerns about the cocoa tree, a raw material for the chocolate that will disappear by 2048 or only 27 years from today. This is due to the plant’s condition that grows well in high nitrogen soil and humid areas with heavy rainfall. This is troublesome as over half of the world’s cocoa comes from countries in Africa such as Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, places increasingly exposed to issues of soil humidity and agricultural water scarcity.

The concern even troubles the English football league, an enjoyable sport event for many. The fans will be bothered with this problem as well as it is forecasted that a quarter of the English football fields or 23 of 92 English football league clubs will experience annual flooding of the stadiums by 2050. This is an aftermath of intensifying bizarre weather conditions, thus affecting tournament management. Undoubtedly, this will disturb broadcasts of various sporting contents that have always brought viewers much joy such as rugby, tennis, and winter sports as well as future major sporting events.

Ocean enthusiasts too must endure the tragic news when the International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN reported that 700 ocean sites worldwide are affected by critically low oxygen conditions. Overall, the earths ocean is losing 2% of oxygen and will ripple a dramatic change for marine life, fisheries, and coastal communities. This will force immense underwater migrations and mass extinction of species we once knew of. Larger species such as the sharks, tuna, and marlin are most sensitive as they depend heavily on oxygen. Thus, they are driven to shallower waters and making them more vulnerable to fishermen and overfishing.

Aside from the rising alarms from excessive greenhouse gas warming the earth, PM 2.5 pollution from economic activities has also become an unavoidable extreme issue. Not only are particulate matters accumulating in the human body and deteriorating the respiratory system, but mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and heavy metals are jumbling the hormones in pregnant women. This affects brain development, nervous systems, and other important organs causing disability and slows down growth for the fetus. Also, it increases a 16% chance of a miscarriage, a staggering percentage that sadly crushes the hopes of families.

The extinction of chocolate, missing favorite football tournaments, disappearing marine animals, and future generations that may never be born because of pollution, these scenarios will become a reality if climate change is escalating at this alarming rate.

Nevertheless, we can still save the earth, with change, starting with your world.

change the world you care for the future

SCG empathizes and champions the matter as the effects of aggressive climate emergency creep closer. SCG commits to operations in line with the Environmental, Social, and Governance or ESG notion. This highlights environmental care, nurturing friendly communities with governance, and promotes habit change by beginning from ones world. This involves small acts such as using reusable shopping bags, turning off electrical appliances when not in use, supporting sorting of waste, and recycling. Also, this may include fruitful hobbies such as adding more plants to the home and communities as well as altering lifestyles and promoting ideas for family members to agree on the significance of coexisting with the earth.

June 5, 2021, is World Environment Day, a United Nations day for encouraging awareness on environmental issues. On this occasion, SCG presents an online video titled changefor the world you careto communicate the aspect of climate change that is rather interrelated. This is hoped to ignite tiny behavior change rippling to wider collaborations.

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