SCG Experience Calls Green-Minded Designers to Unleash Upcycling Ideas at “Upcycling Design Contest: Upcycling Think from Waste”

SCG Experience, SCG’s center for living innovations, services, and solutions, is calling green-minded designers, aged 18 years old and above, to unleash design creativity in the product design competition “Upcycling Design Contest: Upcycling Think from Waste,” aligning with the SCG Circular Way and the concept of Circular Economy. Participants must compete by transforming SCG leftover materials e.g., construction leftovers, paper scraps, carton boxes, and used plastic tubes into the new meaningful and value-added product to win the prizes worth up to 80,000 Baht.

Upcycling is among several ways to extend the life span of materials based on the Circular Economy concept by using creativity to transform discarded materials into new materials or products of better quality to achieve resource reduction and maximization. Examples include lamp made from unwanted discarded parcel box, beverage coaster made from used plastic bags or name card holder made from vinyl materials.

Those interested can learn more about the contest details and download an application form at or call 094-943-6644 until 15 October 2019 and follow the project’s progress at

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