Skills Development School by SCG Partners with Accident Prevention Network to Introduce Defensive Driving tips

SCG Skills Development School continued commitment toward road safety with Accident Prevention Network, launching the program called “Defensive Driving for Sustainable Road Safety.” The partnership intends to introduce defensive driving safety tips “3 Looks and 2 Operates,” which is part of an internationally accredited course aiming to sustainably reduce accidents and losses during the new year holidays.

Mr. Chalat Wongsanguan, Managing Director of Skills Development School at SCG, said, “The coming 2020 new year holidays are the period where people heading back to their homeland or traveling to different places, which added an increased possibility of road accidents, injuries and loss of property and life. The 2019 road accident statistics reported 3,791 collisions, in which the major causes revolved around “human” in terms of driving under the influence, speeding, followed by “poor vehicle conditions” and “unsafe road conditions.” Skills Development School by SCG would like to be part of delivering care to road users across the country with the program “Defensive Driving for Sustainable Road Safety,” which is a collaborative effort with the Accident Prevention Network. The campaign introduced the defensive driving safety tips “3 Looks and 2 Operates” for road users during the new year holidays. The tips include: 3 Looks: Look Ahead, Look Around and Look Always; and 2 Operates: Operate for Space and Operate for Escape. These safety tips are part of the internationally accredited training course to sustainably prevent accidents and losses during the new year holidays.

We believe that if all motorists comply with the safety tips along with cautious driving, road accidents and losses will be greatly reduced as a whole, not only during the holiday seasons. And I hope that the “Defensive Driving for Sustainable Road Safety” will be a part of providing appropriate education and promoting road safety and discipline among road users in a boarder area. The effort is to make the holiday a joyful one for everyone,” Mr. Chalat concluded.

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