SCGC and HII sign an MOU to develop innovations and transfer knowledge for water management to mitigate floods and droughts in Thailand

SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited, or SCGC, and the Hydro-Informatics Institute (Public Organization), or HII, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for water management innovation development and knowledge transfer in line with sustainable development and ESG guidelines. Under this MOU, the two organizations will transfer R&D knowledge on technologies, innovations, and information systems for flood and drought management as well as management of community water resources to ensure proper use in accordance with each locality and the overall water situation of Thailand and develop innovations for society that are fully accessible to local communities.

Dr. Suracha Udomsak, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President – New Business, SCG Chemicals, or SCGC, stated, “As a chemical business for sustainability, SCGC operates in accordance with sustainable development and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) guidelines and recognizes that water is a vital natural resource for life and economic development. As the current water crisis, including both floods and droughts, across every region of Thailand results from climate change and improper water consumption habits, it is vital for there to be both short-term and long-term water management.”

“The SCGC-HII partnership on water management innovation development and knowledge transfer will help to drive collaborations and create innovations for society that will offer integrated solutions for the water crisis and produce sustainable results. Within this partnership, SCGC is bringing to the table its knowledge, expertise, and experience in innovation development, such as in material selection, molding, and innovation design, accumulated through i2P Center (Ideas to Products), one of Southeast Asia’s first application and innovation chemical development centers, which will also play a role in scaling up water management technologies and innovations that are suitable for Thailand’s landscape and water situation in the future.”

The Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President – New Business, SCGC, added, “SCGC will also be sharing its knowledge and experience from its ‘Community Water Management Project in Khao Yai Da, Rayong’ as well as its approach for conserving and restoring natural water resources that covers from upstream all the way down to midstream and downstream portions, thus ensuring a sufficient water supply for farming and consumption throughout the years. In addition, SCGC has developed what it has learned in the area into the ‘Twofold Development-and-Collection Water Management Model,’ which involves developing rules and personnel and collecting water and information. This model will also be developed into a learning center and expanded to other communities.”

SCGC and HII sign an MOU to develop innovations and transfer knowledge for water management

Sutat Weesakul, D.Eng, Director of the Hydro-Informatics Institute, or HII, said, “HII, which is an organization under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, collects and analyzes water information as well as researches and develops technologies for other agencies to utilize to enhance water management efficiency systematically. It also strives to amplify its impacts by fostering a network of partners both domestically and internationally in line with its missions as well as promote the utilization of knowledge, technology, and innovation to generate tangible benefits for communities, society at large, and the country. Thanks to these shared concepts and goals, HII and SCGC seek to exchange knowledge, collaboratively research and develop innovations and technologies for water management in communities and the management of water resource information, leveraging each party’s knowledge and expertise to produce research and develop water management innovations that can be implemented in a suitable manner for each locality and are made accessible to government agencies and communities alike. This partnership will serve as an example for a collaboration between the government and private sectors that seeks to enhance the quality of life in communities through proper water management and contribute to the country’s water management in a stable and sustainable manner.”

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Published on: Nov 7, 2022

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