SCG Supports Ratchaburi’s Ban Pong District to Drive and Expand Circular Economy

Packaging Business, SCG, and Ban Pong District in Ratchaburi province together put efforts to promote the Circular Economy, develop and expand the solid waste management model to support Ban Pong Circular Community Model. The project aims to initiate the model to 17 pilot areas with hope to cut waste by 40 percent.

Mr. Tossapol Phuenudom, Ban Pong District Chief, who presided over the opening ceremony of Ban Pong Circular Economy, said, “Ban Pong district wants to drive waste management further; therefore, we work with 17 local areas under Department of Local Administration (DLA) and SCG to introduce “Ban Pong Circular Community” model by providing to the community education through exemplary practices and mentorship offered by residents of Rang Plub Community in Krab Yai subdistrict. The initiative aims to empower community residents to establish a community-based solid waste management system in selected local administrative areas to create effective waste management strategies at the district level.”

“The initial stage of establishing Ban Pong Circular Economy is selecting a village or community from each local administrative area and forming a district-level waste management committee. The village committees or community leaders of 17 areas will join the educational trip to learn and exchange knowledge at Ban Rang Plub village. Ban Rang Plub village has put strong efforts in waste management and recycling, which has led to the winning of the 2nd place of Zero Waste Community Award presented by the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion. The village has the ability to share waste management knowledge for other communities. In the first year, the project aims to cut organic waste in 17 pilot communities by 40 percent,” said Mr. Tossapol.

Mr. Saharat Pattanawiboon, Director of Ban Pong Plant of Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Packaging Business, SCG, said, “SCG has conducted business in accordance with resource management practices and in line with the Circular Economy under SCG Circular Way, which aims to achieve the highest resource efficient utilization, minimize, extend, or recycle the resources. Moreover, SCG strives to introduce the concept to the boarder audience to promote effective waste management. SCG has operated its first paper and packaging factory in Ban Pong district in the area for a long time. I am greatly pleased to support and drive waste management forward to make Ban Pong district, our home, become a model for waste management.”

“To support the project, SCG has provided education about waste sorting for effective recycling and form the team to help ensure success with a mission to make Ban Pong district a healthy environment and become an exemplary model. Throughout the years, SCG has fostered waste management strategies of Ban Rang Plub village. Today, SCG is using Ban Rang Plub village as a model to share knowledge and guidelines for further action to drive waste management more effectively,” Mr. Saharat said.

“The Ban Pong Circular Community Project” provided training for 17 villages from different local administrative areas on 20 and 23 August 2018. The training was sponsored by SCG, Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment (TIPMSE), and the Federation of Thai Industries which joined to share knowledge on waste management and packaging to the community. The project intends to establish the Circular Community during August 2019 to July 2020 with the target to cut household waste, particularly organic waste such as food and vegetables, by 40 percent.

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