SCG strictly follows the regulation on mining permit renewal and ensures to include environmental and community concerns

SCG clarifies Cabinet’s resolution on mining permit renewal. The company strictly follows the law and process under normal procedures like other operators. The mining operates environmentally under the Semi-Open Cut method. The mining passes the environmental impact assessment and always listens to communities’ opinions.

Mr. Chana Poomee, Vice President – Cement and Construction Solution Business, clarified that the Cabinet meeting on March 5 passed a resolution to extend the limestone mining operating permit in Saraburi following the state concession previously awarded to the company. Chana said that “the company has been complying with the government’s procedure and requirement in submission for the permit renewal which applies to all operators under the 2 control laws regarding the mining concession. The first one is the mining license from the Ministry of Industry, which the company has been granted from 2011-2036 according to the Minerals Act 1967. It is considered a mining license under the Minerals Act 2017. The second law is the National Forest Act 1964. It required the mining operator to issue a letter requesting forest land use from the Royal Forest Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment not more than 10 years old. The company has been granted the right to use for 10 years during 2001-2011. Once the permit is expired, the company must renew the said document with the Royal Forest Department.

The company has always complied with applying for permission correctly and completely. The company has prepared an environmental impact assessment report after mining which the National Environment Board has already approved. And such areas have potential and reserves to do limestone mining; hence, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has considered granting an exemption for the company to use the area.

SCG has the highest intention in environmentally conscious mining and social responsibility. Besides, it has continuously implemented measures to prevent and correct environmental impacts with an emphasis on environmental-friendly mine management, from the design of the semi-open cut mine that can prevent and reduce the impact on communities of both dust and noise, restoring the area to maintain the original mountain scenery along with biodiversity conservation resulting in the integrity of plants and wildlife, to restoring the balance to the ecosystem sustainably and promoting the community for sustainable development. It has gained international recognition,” said Mr. Chana in the closing the statement.

The area is a potential limestone area with sufficient reserves for cement production for the country’s development. The concession area is located in the National Forest Reserve area. However, according to the National Forest Act 1964, the mining concession is still valid for forest land reserves under the Mineral Act 1964. The concession is granted for a period of fewer than 10 years each time. Many cement manufacturers also request permissions to do the limestone mining activities for cement production as required in the Mineral Act.

Published on: Jun 9, 2021

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