SCG satisfies home lovers, offering energy saving solutions, leveraging digital technology to end Roof Leakages, enabling customers to achieve “Energy Saving, Worry-Free, Comfort Living” under SCG Roofing

SCG is in tune with trends and consumer needs, moving forward as the roofing market leader that furthers the development of innovative products, services, systems and solutions. Packed with a new array of technologies,  SCG is introducing “Energy Saving” innovative solution with SCG Solar Roof Solutions; “Worry-Free” from townhome’s recurring roof leakages with “Top up Roof” innovation and “Time-Stopping Technology” to solve fading roof tiles with the long-lasting colored roof protection; “Comfort Living” that ensures homeowners with noise reduction, heat alleviation and reinforced aesthetics of modern home style with SCG Lean-to Roof System. For those interested, please contact SCG HOME SOLUTION and SCG Roofing Center or call SCG HOME CONTACT CENTER at 02-586-2222.

Mr. Thongchai Sopon, Managing Director – Roof Business, SCG Cement-Building Materials, disclosed, “The building materials market, roofing products in particular, is expected to be steady whereas existing homes appear to suffer from high energy costs and recurring roof leakages. SCG, as the leading provider of integrated roof products, roof systems, and roof services, strives to address the needs with a customer-centric approach aimed at developing products, services, and solutions that comprehensively satisfy the customers’ demands in line with SCG Circular Way based on the Circular Economy to fulfill the highest resource efficiency. The approach enables to engage the customers to achieve “Energy Saving” by adopting alternative energy sources along with “Worry-Free” from recurring roof leakages that employs the digital technology for roof inspection as well as “Comfort Living” due to SCG solutions that will enhance living quality and happiness under SCG roofing. This year, the company’s direction is to operate the roofing business under the concept of “SCG Roof Expert for Better Living” with a series of refined products, services, and solutions as follows:

  • Energy Saving with SCG Solar Roof Solutions. SCG provides both solar roof solutions design and installation by the experts. A comprehensive service is offered for both new and existing homes with the innovation of “Solar FIX” and “SCG Solar Roof Tile Panel.” The company also delivers greater convenience with “SCG Solar Application” that allows customers to track the real-time solar energy generation.
  • Worry-Free Solutions for townhouses and townhomes with recurring roof leakages with the SCG’s exclusive copyright innovation “Top up Roof” by SCG Roof Renovation. Due to the double protection roofing without removing the old roof, this aids to reduce construction dust and allows homeowners to carry on normal lives in the house during the renovation process. The installation is completed on time with a 1-year guarantee. Furthermore, the digital tool, satellite technology, is being used for homeowners to estimate the initial cost at, along with on-site survey drone to help identify appropriate roofing analysis and solutions. For the roofing products, SCG develops long-lasting colored roof tiles to solve the fading roof problem with “Time-Stopping Technology” that provides a range of roofing products with different color durability performances such as SCG Roof Tiles, Celica Curve series; SCG Concrete Roof Tile, Prestige X-Shield series; and SCG Concrete Roof Tile, CPAC series to ensure distinctive aesthetic quality.
  • Comfort Living Solution with SCG Lean-to Roof System. Designed for stylish modern house, SCG offers 2 alternative systems: SCG Lean-to Roof System, Prolon series and SCG Lean-to Roof System, Zilence Kool series for aesthetic modern home style and comfort living.

For those interested in SCG roofing products and services, please contact SCG roof experts for free consultations at SCG Experience, SCG Experience Service Station, SCG HOME SOLUTION and SCG Roofing Center or Home Buddy mobile application or call SCG HOME Contact Center at 02-586-2222 or Line @SCG HOME. Also, please visit for more details.

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