SCG Roof is committed to business development in order to enhance the quality of life. By deliver state-of-art solutions for smarter and better residential living through “MORE THAN ROOF” concept.

From over 80 years of SCG Roof Business, we never stop developing and researching the best roofing products and solutions for our customers. Since customers’ lifestyle and needs have dramatically changed nowadays, we also improve the best- fit in solutions. We have launched “Solar Roof” which capable save up electricity power to 60%. Moreover, developed “Living Comfort Solutions” as a bundle benefit of heat solutions and air quality solutions for your residence.

Thongchai Sophon, Managing director, roofing business, SCG Roofing CO., Ltd, SCG group, said The Covid-19 situation has completely changed the behavior of consumers around the world. It is expected not to be the same again. Everyone today is cautious. We are giving added attention to our day to day lives, especially to our personal space and hygiene. With the “Hybrid working model” of working from the office as well as working from home, consumers are spending more time at home than ever before. Consumers tend to focus in making home more comfortable place.

SCG as one of leading innovative building materials company. We have contributed to create the best solutions based on our expertise and experience in this area. Therefore, we strive to innovate and develop most comfortable. hygienic also energy saving products and solutions.

SCG Active AIR Quality

Based on more than 80 years in roofing business, we do believe the high quality products must be completely supported with high standardize installations. As a result, customers have trustworthiness in our products and service without problems in the future .At SCG, we develop standards and technology for installing roofs for both new and old houses. We continue to advance in roof innovation that reduces electricity cost with “SCG Solar Roof Solutions”. We innovate “Living Comfort Solutions” to solve heat issue in house also to prevent air pollutions as well as  bacteria, virus endanger into house.  These innovations are all produced to  raise the high quality of life as  MORE THAN ROOF” concept. said Thongchai

Since the increasing of “work from home” situation, hence air-conditioning is consumed extensively all day long. This behavior has effected higher electricity cost, this has become customer’s pain.  SCG Solar Roof Solutions help save up to 60% on their electricity bills. Our innovative “Solar Fix”, SCG only patent, is produced to complete installation on the roof with no further leakage problem  , this also comes with a 25-year warranty. We are also targeting SMEs with the Solar Roof system, to provide them alternative clean energy during the daytime. This helps businesses save up on energy costs, thereby giving a good return on their investment.

In the current scenario the problems of air pollution – PM 2.5 and germs or virus also high degree of heat have become more severe every year. Despite, we could not control those problems outside, but it would be better to prevent at least inside our home.. Living Comfort Solutions is developed to meet that needs SCG Active AIRflow System tackles the heat problem of house, it helps to cool down heat by 2-5 degrees. While, SCG Active AIR Quality, the recent solutions, creates clean and hygiene air quality. Through the “Positive Pressure” working system, it’s capable to filter only good air quality inside the house at first and prevent air pollution from outside.  As a result, PM 2.5 and other dust would be filtered 99%*. While germs, bacteria and viruses, including Coronovirus are also prevented up to 90%*. Moreover, as it brings in purified air, so that it also increase the oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide*. The more oxygen level, the more quality of sleep. Also provide benefits of filtering organic scents* from outside and balancing body moisture*. Remark *The qualifications of the system are in accordance with the conditions set by the company.

SCG Active AIRflow System

Mr. Thongchai continued, Currently, it is the era of Digital Transformation. We give great importance to the development of new technologies. To help the customers understand their Personal Life, homeowners who install solar roofs can check their energy savings in Real-Time. This can be done either daily, monthly, or on a yearly basis through the SCG Solar Solutions application. Regarding the Living Comfort section, there is a sensor to control the operation of SCG Active AIRflow and SCG Active AIR Quality for comfortable living conditions. You can check the operating system through the application Anywhere and Anytime.”

For those who are interested You can find the right solution at Baan Lae Suan Fair 2021, which will be held from December 17-26, 2021 at the BITEC Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangna. or request a free consultation at SCG EXPERIENCE, SCG HOME SOLUTION, SCG ROOFING CENTER, SCG HOME, and BOONTHAVORN. More information can be found at SCG HOME Contact Center Tel. 02-586-2222, please add the line ID: @SCGBrand, or visit the website for more details


Published on: Dec 13, 2021 

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