SCG Reinforces Circular Economy Concept and Promotes Fest Food Packaging

Packaging Business, SCG, one of the eco-industry models, has helped co-develop Ban Pong district to become a model for efficient resource management community. It has recently hosted an exhibition to raise awareness about the Circular Economy and promote the use of the eco-packaging brand, Fest, among merchants at “123-Year Ban Pong Food Festival.”

Mr. Saharat Pattanawiboon, Director of Ban Pong Plant of Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Packaging Business, SCG, said, “SCG has conducted businesses in line with the Circular Economy that focus on achieving the highest resource efficient utilization, minimizing, extending, or recycling the resources. SCG strives to introduce the concept to the boarder audience to promote effective resource management. SCG is selected as an eco-industrial model to introduce initiatives at “123-Year Ban Pong Food Festival.”

“In the exhibition, SCG has introduced its business approaches toward achieving a balance of economy, society, and environment along with efficient resource utilization management under SCG Circular Way where the concept is further expanded and implemented in communities surrounding the plant through innovation. SCG also promotes the community’s waste sorting and recycling to make Ban Pong district a healthier place and an exemplary model for the local people as well as visitors,” added Mr. Saharat.

Furthermore, SCG also joined with Ban Pong District Chief and Ban Pong District Municipality to encourage merchants to use Fest food safety packaging as a coherent beginning to motivate the public to be more conscious and adopt a greener lifestyle to build a healthier environment in Ban Pong district.

Mrs. Wimol ChantianBrand Director of “Fest” in SCG Packaging of Thai Paper Company Limited, a subsidiary of Packaging Business, SCG, said, “Fest food packaging is an alternative food-grade packaging product which is durable, both water and grease resistant, eliminating the use of plastic sheet or banana leaf. Therefore, it’s the solution for numerous applications. The campaign will encourage merchants and participants to adopt a healthy and eco-friendly option and join forces to reduce and stop using foam materials and single-use plastic. The event also promotes waste sorting behaviors and ways to maximize resources to make Ban Pong District a more livable place and build a sustainable environment.”

The “123-Year Ban Pong Food Festival” is jointly organized by Ban Pong district and Ban Pong Red Cross District Branch, Ban Pong District Municipality, Ratchaburi Provincial Office of Tourism and Sports, government agencies, local administration organizations, business community, and community in Ban Pong district to promote community identity, tourism, traditions, local culture, local produce, and industrial products. The event aims to boost the local economy and present the progress of the area which comprises both small and large industries as dubbed “Detroit of Asia.”

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