SCG Joins Forces with GIZTIX to Enhance Building Materials Dealers’ Logistics Services Nationwide

SCG joined forces with GIZTIX, Thailand’s number one logistics startup offering logistics services via online platform and technology for shippers, to develop a holistic digital platform for logistics solutions. The platform will equip SCG’s Building Materials dealers with the capability needed to promptly and competitively deliver goods to customers with greater cost controls.

Mr. Wiroat Rattanachaisit, Head of Distribution and Retail Business, SCG CementBuilding Materials Company Limited, SCG, revealed, “SCG recognized the need to enhance the ability of SCG’s Building Material dealers, which now have 314 stores nationwide. The retail store is a crucial part of delivering meaningful experiences to customers directly. Aside from the store revamping efforts and the incorporation of digital technology in the store to outpace the competition, the logistics services also play a vital part. Nowadays, dealers have a significant number of trips to deliver goods per day with consistent growth.

SCG has developed a digital platform in partnership with GIZTIX to help dealers achieve on-time delivery which allows customers to access real-time tracking data and provide instant ratings. The platform also fosters efficient cost controls because it records cost and expenses incurred, where the results help dealers streamline cost management. The dealers can also check the fleet schedule for better fleet planning which reduce steps and arrangement time. Currently, more than 100 dealers joined the program, which in total take an average of 32,000 trips per month, covering 50 provinces nationwide with a 20% steady monthly growth. Besides, SCG and GIZTIX also jointly leverage the usage data to improve the platform to better meet the needs of the dealers.”

Mr. Sittisak Wongsomnuk, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of GIZTIX said,  “After the company successfully raised 100 million Baht funding from AddVentures by SCG, and other funders for business expansion in the past two years, we have been relentlessly out to revolutionize logistics sector and move it to digital. The partnership between GIZTIX and SCG is a significant milestone that will contribute to the development of digital logistics platform in the construction industry. We focus on the provision of logistic management program and system to maximize cost management. We have partnered with SCG’s distribution and retail business since 2018 and harnessed the advanced technology in two areas of logistics services: 1) Online Trucking Service and 2) Transportation Management System (TMS). The platform equips SCG dealers with useful features including fleet management, fleet scheduling, online reporting system, online status notification system, cost recording and delivery report, all of which can reduce workload and streamline resources. SCG serves as a consultant to improve the work process as well as running tests and coordinating with dealers to develop the system efficiency.

The SCG and GIZTIX joint plan in 2020 will focus on the development and improvement of the logistics management system as well as adding more functions to improve logistics performance. The key plans include nationwide coverage expansion, cost reduction strategy for one-way trip, and the incorporation of AI and Blockchain to optimize work process, i.e. Space Utilization and Route Optimization to help simplify the fleet arrangement; and cashless system for drivers such as filling up gas or online payment.

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