SCG Invites All to Feel the Power of Green Innovation, to Create Low-Carbon Society in “SCG the Possibilities for Inclusive Green Growth” during May 7-8

Are you ready to move forward together with the low-carbon society? SCG is about to march up with more than 100 pieces of green innovation and let you experience a simulation of the low-carbon society in the event of “SCG the Possibilities for Inclusive Green Growth” at SCG, Bang Sue during May 7-8. Registration is now open.

 When the global boiling crisis has triggered extreme impacts toward all dimensions, forcing the world to speed up together to the target of the “low-carbon society.” “Green innovation” becomes a key to make it possible to solve this crisis. In the fight against this, SCG invites all to experience the power of over 100 green innovative pieces from diverse collaborations under the SCG concept “Inclusive Green Growth.” This is to imitate the carbon society for everyone’s experience and to build up good quality of living with the growing economy, livable society and friendly environment as a means to cool down the global boiling. Examples are Green Construction & Smart Living’ – innovation development towards green construction and smart living, ‘Green Logistics’ – innovation for sustainable logistics, ‘Green Industry’ – innovation for a green industry, ‘Green Circularity’ – innovation for renewable resources, ‘Green City’ – innovation for a green city with fresh air, green areas and no waste.

In addition, the stage for empowerment and creative show-off by technology innovators of SCG and its partners is established with the aims to share their experiences and build inspiration to new green innovations in several topics. These topics include ‘Release the Power of Diverse Skills to Create Green Innovation in Response to Trends,’ ‘How to Build Up Inclusive Green Growth at the Global Level,’ ‘Green Industry Guide: Pave the Ways toward the Real Green of Clean Energy-Production-Logistics,’ and ‘Low-Carbon Building & Home: How to Build High-Rises, Comfort Homes with Low Carbon.’

Join the experiences in this event and get ready for the low-carbon society #Possible, Go Together in the “SCG the Possibility for Inclusive Green Growth” during May 7-8, 2024, 8:30-17:00 hrs. The venue is SCG, Head Office Building 1-2, Bang Sue. Register is now open at or Watch Live via Facebook: SCG Official Fanpage.

Published on: May 2, 2024

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