SCG Foundation, Networks, Presents Hospital’s Waiting Hall “Ruen Suk Jai” to Crown Prince Hospital

SCG Foundation forged a partnership with the Foundation For The Crown Prince Hospitals, Built Environment for Health and Well-Being Research Unit under the Faculty of Architecture, Kasetsart University, and Cement and Construction Solution (CCS) under Cement-Building Materials Business, SCG, and launched the initiative “Commemorate His Majesty The King, Volunteers Developing Nationwide Crown Prince Hospitals” to remodel the service areas and facilities at the waiting hall. The goal was to make it more friendly to patients, their families, doctors, nurses, and anyone receiving services at the hospital. The waiting hall “Ruen Suk Jai” was presented to Ban Dung Crown Prince Hospital in Udon Thani, and three more waiting halls are soon be delivered to Crown Price Hospital in Khon Kaen, Phitsanulok, and Surat Thani. The facilities will be handed over to all 21 hospitals across the country by 2020.

Privy Council Professor Emeritus Kasem Watanachai, President of the Foundation For The Crown Prince Hospitals, said, “His Majesty the King has a royal policy about the Crown Prince Hospitals that the staff working for the Crown Prince Hospitals should always remember the hospital’s initial intention, which is to provide medical services to the people in remote areas. Even though the Crown Prince Hospitals largely provide medical services to the poor, we are yet committed to delivering the best care for them. All staff members realize the importance of medical service quality improvement. One thing that the Crown Prince Hospitals have consistently pursued is to make the Crown Prince Hospitals the Hospital of Happiness for everyone. The happiness for doctors and nurses, as well as the patients. Hence, if the SCG Foundation can boost happiness here, it will be a tremendous help.”

Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, Chairman of SCG Foundation, outlined the project plan, “All involved parties have a bona fide intention to make the hospital more than just a place for providing physical illness treatments but also delivering joy to uplift everyone’s spirit. The waiting hall “Ruen Suk Jai” at Ban Dung Crown Prince Hospital in Udon Thani was taken up by a research team that launched a survey collecting data from the staff and hospital’s service recipients over hospital’s areas for improvement. The survey included a workshop inquiring about aspects in the hospitals that need improvement, exploring the hospital’s environment, exchanging opinions to identify the users’ needs. The work has resulted in the participatory design. The CCS unit began the construction using the technology “Building Information Modelling (BIM),” which enables the effective construction plan where it can detect pre-construction mistakes. The technology also helps minimize time and construction costs based on the Circular Economy. The project received excellent support from the local SCG dealers as they donate building materials.

To date, there are 21 Crown Prince Hospitals across the country that provide medical services for people in remote areas. In 2019, SCG Foundation along with partners, volunteer networks and the Foundation For The Crown Prince Hospitals, carried out the project in 4 pilot areas: “Ruen Suk Jai” at Ban Dung Crown Prince Hospital in Udon Thani, “Huen Suk Jai” at Kranuan Crown Prince Hospital in Khon Kaen, “Chan Suk Jai” at Nakhonthai Crown Prince Hospital in Phitsanulok, and “Lan Suk Jai” at Weingsra Crown Prince Hospital in Surat Thani. Furthermore, SCG Foundation will partner with a network of designers and universities that offer architecture education along with a business network in the regions where the Crown Prince Hospitals established to speed up the construction and the project completion of 21 hospitals nationwide by 2020.

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