SCG Foundation Caring For Thais and Myanmarese Sponsoring 2.2 Million Baht Worth Innovation and Financial Assistances to Samut Sakhon Province

SCG Foundation provides innovative medical equipment and supply needs in tackling COVID-19  to Samut Sakhon Hospital. The purpose is to reduce the risk of infection and protect healthcare workers. List of equipment includes;

  1. Positive Pressure Isolation Chamber
  2. Patient Isolation Capsule
  3. Small Patient Isolation Capsule for CT Scan
  4. 200 sets of PPE
  5. 500 pieces of N95 mask
  6. 500 Sets of Thermometer (Thermoscan)
  7. 3,000 pairs of medical latex gloves
  8. 2,000 pieces of cloth masks for Children.

The Foundation has also donated approximately 500,000 baht through Samut Sakhon Province Administration Office to join hands and fight against the Covid-19 crisis in this critical period. The total assistance worths 2,200,000 Baht.  In this regard, SCG would like to send encouragement to medical personnel and those affected Thais, and Myanmarese brother and sisters by going through this difficult situation together.

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