SCG Explores New Tech to Increase Building Material Retail Store Efficiency

SCG is exploring ways to improve the efficiency of building material retail stores by speeding up the study of retail technology for future adoption in both online and offline platforms to help facilitate product and service delivery to best meet the needs of customers. Examples of retail technology solutions include “Shopping Assistant Robot” to provide information while shopping, “Smart Shopping Cart,” “Virtual Reality (VR)” to deliver home 3D visualization before construction begins, “Augmented Reality” to provide self-room design simulation. In addition to the study of assistive technologies, SCG is also exploring staffless store format to develop new services for customers.

Mr. Wiroat Rattanachaisit, Managing Director of Distribution and Retail Business, Cement-Building Materials, SCG, revealed, “SCG is committed to being a developer and digital technology supplier for retail technology. In the past two years, SCG has tested out retail technology system in various aspects, including experimenting innovation and data management system developed by leading retail technology manufacturers both at home and aboard to bolster the building materials retail business. Some of which have been implemented, such as Chatbot to facilitate more efficient and faster customer support and Virtual Reality to provide virtual home simulations prior to the construction.

SCG has recently launched a pilot staffless store, harnessing the technology from China to increase service efficiency in the future. The pilot staffless store has been operational at SCG Head Office in Bang Sue since 9 September 2019. The same system will be further established at SCG Experience Ekamai-Ramindra Road branch within October 2019.”

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