SCG Earns Two Additional Global Sustainability Rankings from Sustainalytics and MSCI

SCG has earned recognition from two more leading global sustainability indices: an ESG Risk Rating in the “ESG Industry Top Rated” tier for Industrial Conglomerates from Morningstar Sustainalytics and an MSCI ESG Rating in the “AA” tier for the Construction Materials industry from Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI). Previously, SCG has consistently been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the Construction Materials industry for 19 consecutive years. These three sustainability indices serve as investment criteria and affirm investor confidence in the company’s business potential, which aligns with the ESG 4 Plus strategy. These objectives include innovating for environmentally conscious customers, addressing global boiling issues, transitioning to a low-carbon society, aiming for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2070, and focusing on social equality, poverty alleviation, job creation, educational opportunities, and community well-being.

Thammasak Sethaudom, Co-Chair of Sustainable Development Committee, stated, “By continuously operating under our ESG 4 Plus strategy—which focuses on Net Zero, Go Green, Reduce Inequality, and Embrace Collaboration, in addition to upholding fairness and transparency—we aim to drive business growth alongside environmental, social, and governance sustainability. As a result, SCG has received two more global sustainability distinctions: ESG Risk Ratings as ‘ESG Industry Top Rated’ in the Industrial Conglomerates sector from Morningstar Sustainalytics and an MSCI ESG Rating of ‘AA’ as a Leader in the Construction Materials Industry. Furthermore, we have been ranked as a leading global sustainable organization by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in the Construction Materials industry and are the first organization in ASEAN to have been a member of DJSI for 19 consecutive years since 2004.”

Thammasak further stated, “SCG is committed to fostering continuous business growth and solving global boiling issues. By improving the manufacturing process, we aim to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In the first half of 2023, our cement business in Thailand increased the use of alternative energy by 40%. Additionally, we are accelerating the development of products and services to meet the needs of green-conscious customers who prioritize convenience, safety, value, and eco-friendliness, and include over 250 items under our Green Choice label, such as including smart solutions for air quality and energy efficiency SCG Active AIR Quality, SCG Bi-ion, SCG Air Scrubber—solutions that manage air quality, eliminate pathogens, and reduce energy usage in buildings—as well as eco-friendly plastic resin innovations like SCG GREEN POLYMER™.”

At the same time, we are collaborating with a global network of partners to develop green innovations. For example, we have partnered with Rondo Energy in the United States, a world-class startup in clean energy, to develop the world’s highest-temperature thermal energy storage batteries. This innovation aims to supply heat energy to plants while reducing the burning of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions. Another partnership is with Braskem, a leader in bio-based plastics from Brazil, to produce green-ethylene with a negative carbon footprint that is also recyclable.

SCG aims to alleviate social inequality for over 50,000 individuals through skill development, income generation for SMEs and communities, and professional support for roles like construction workers and truck drivers. We are also focusing on community product development, offering educational scholarships in market-demand fields, and supporting good health and well-being through initiatives such as remote digital healthcare consultations, allowing patients in remote areas to consult with doctors without traveling.

Morningstar Sustainalytics is a global leader in sustainability research. It provides ESG Risk Ratings for individual stock funds to help investors worldwide understand the environmental, social, and governance risks associated with their investments. MSCI ESG Ratings, developed by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI), serve as a standard benchmark for measuring investment returns based on an organization’s risk exposure and risk management. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) are the world’s first sustainability indices, established through a partnership between S&P Dow Jones Indices and RobecoSAM. The performance of businesses is assessed based on sustainable development criteria, with over 3,400 large companies from around 60 industries worldwide invited to participate in the evaluations. Investors use these three indices as supporting data for their investment decisions, aiming to gain confidence in long-term returns and to identify businesses that grow robustly while contributing to sustainable societal and environmental development.

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