SCG Awarded “Top Green Brand Love,” Reflecting Consumer Trust; Moves to Forge Environmental Network with Circular Economy

SCG led by Mrs. Venus Asavasitthithavorn, Director of Enterprise Brand Management Office, has been awarded “Top Green Brand Love,” which is given to a brand that gained the highest popularity among organizations that conduct business with an emphasis on the value of society and environment. The award was presented by Asst. Prof. Duangporn Arbhasil, Dean College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU). The award was based on the results of an extensive survey conducted by the College of Management Mahidol University of over 1,300 consumers focusing on the environmental stewardship aspect in the Thai business sector. The survey outcomes also showed that businesses play a vital role in driving environmental policies as well as encouraging consumers to embrace pro-environmental practices.

SCG will continue to strive for innovation to enhance the wellbeing of the society and community coupled with rigorous environmental stewardship following the Circular Economy under “SCG Circular Way” by pursuing greater resource efficiency and fostering collaboration of all sectors through green initiatives of “Resource Maximization, Correct Sorting, Proper Disposal.” Numerous ongoing environmental efforts are executed in seeking to drive Thailand and ASEAN to achieve sustainable development goals.

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