SCG Adds on ‘Smart Living, Smart City’ Campaign with Launch of 2 Experiential Activities, Allowing Consumers to Journey into Gamified Smart City and Explore ‘DWELL WELL’ Exhibition of Living in Now Normal

SCG today reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable betterment of peoples lives and living by bringing its campaign SCG for Smart Living, Smart Cityto life with two engaging activation programs. While SCG SMART CITY will digitally introduce people to living innovations and new technologies from SCG in an experiential journey into the gamified world on, DWELL WELL is open for inperson visits as an exhibition of home and living in the now normal on the first floor of SCG Home Experience, providing sources of inspiration for visitors to discover as they explore home and living innovations and solutions for today and tomorrow. Both activities are now open to the public, free of admission.

Ms. Porawan Mahatanasuk , Customer and Brand Management Director at SCG Cement and Building Materials Business, revealed, “As the innovation leader, SCG creates innovative products, services and solutions for construction and living and concurrently builds enriched consumer experience and brand engagement. We are today bringing to life our ‘SCG for Smart Living, Smart City’ concept with online and on-ground activation programs: a newly built website, SCG SMART CITY, now emerges as the first step in our gamification of living experience, and we are also holding DWELL WELL exhibition. Both will be superb sources of knowledge, experience and inspiration, allowing the consumers to explore home, living and construction innovations and solutions that they can apply to their home and building for a better quality of life as we all adapt to the living condition of today’s time that exposes us to numerous challenges, including environmental problems, pollutions and health threats from the prolonged outbreak of COVID-19.”

Ms. Porawan Mahatanasuk , Customer and Brand Management Director at SCG Cement and Building Materials Business

Journey into the Gamified World of SCG SMART CITY

SCG creates gamified smart city for consumers to become its residents. Through an avatar, a digital twin of themselves, each player can take a journey to explore product innovations and solutions from SCG that address their living and lifestyle needs in a variety of home and building spaces. They will learn about innovations for better living and be inspired to create a dream house of their own. Moreover, points can be collected to redeem prizes and privileges. To start playing, follow a few simple steps below.

  • Step 1: Create your avatar by answering questions on your preferences about living.
  • Step 2: Start your journey into SCG SMART CITY, a gamified dream city that lets you enter your interested places with a simple click to discover living innovations for various home and building spaces.
  • Step 3: Within each place you enter, click at hidden products to earn points for prize redemption.
Journey into the Gamified World of SCG SMART CITY

Explore Smart Living Innovations at DWELL WELL Exhibition

SCG has examined living problems that people face today, which inspired the company to bring its living innovations and solutions on show all in one place at DWELL WELL exhibition. It features three exhibit zones: Zone 1 – Home Insights uses mapping technology to visualize problems such as environment, hygiene and home spaces to build consumer awareness of the problems, enabling them to identify their needs and clearly see advantage gaps between their existing and dream houses; Zone 2 – Now Normal Home gives visitors a glimpse of home and living in ‘now normal’ settings where people have already started adapting themselves to coexist with problems, exploring how home will change; and Zone 3 – Smart Living lets visitors experience and discover how SCG product innovations and solutions can be used to solve these problems and make living better for everyone. Held as a source of inspiration for home building and improvement, the exhibition is open to visitors till September 2022 at SCG Home Experience (1st Floor) on Praditmanutham Road (Ekamai-Ramindra).

DWELL WELL Exhibition

“At SCG, we believe that quality living begins with good planning today. These two inspiring, experiential activities will attract the young generation and our target audiences to equip them with the knowledge and understanding to make suitable choice of product innovations for construction and living based on individual needs and preferences. Moreover, they underscore the firm commitment of SCG Cement and Building Materials in innovating with a ‘Passion for Better’ and adherence to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles of SCG. With this approach, we strive to upgrade people’s living conditions, bringing to them greater convenience, safety and hygiene while contributing to sustainability of the world, the society and the environment overall.” Ms. Porawan concluded.

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Published on: Feb 23, 2022

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