“PEA” and “Q-Chang” Jointly Introduce “PEA Hero Care and Service” Application Offering Total Electrical System Maintenance

“PEA” or the Provincial Electricity Authority, has joined hands with “Q-Chang”, a platform that offers maintenance services, to introduce PEA Hero Care and Service”, one of the features of the PEA Hero Platform that will provide services from routine checks to maintenance for electrical systems in homes, buildings, and the business sector with convenient, speedy, and safe services in line with PEA standards in order to offer convenience and confidence to homeowners in the digital era, with services scheduled for launch nationwide in the beginning of Q2 of 2020.

Mr. Cheewin Phatthanakhuha, Deputy Governor of PEA, revealed that “The Provincial Electricity Authority is a leading electrical energy service provider for the country. With our 60th anniversary approaching in 2020, the organization is determined to continuously develop electrical energy for the country, especially in the area of developing alternative energy in line with PEA 4.0 Policy as well as developing our service technology with the Digital Utility Policy which is in line with the Thailand Energy 4.0 initiative. In order to promote all sectors to receive convenient, speedy, modern, and standardized energy services from PEA, we have embarked on a great opportunity in partnering with SCG’s Nexter Digital Company Limited, developer of ‘Q-Chang’, a platform that has gathered teams of quality maintenance professionals in servicing, improving, and renovating homes, to develop the ‘PEA Hero Care & Service’ feature which is a part of the PEA Hero Platform that offers a one-stop service for those looking for maintenance services for their electrical systems. This project offers convenient and speedy services on a digital platform that is also standardized, trustworthy, and has been certified by PEA.”

Mr. Virat Tangchitpiandee, Managing Director of SCG’s Nexter Digital Company Limited, developer of Q-Chang digital platform, added that, “Q-Chang is a platform that has gathered teams of quality maintenance professionals in servicing, improving, and renovating homes. We are ready to guarantee our services and select the right teams for each homeowner to provide standardized maintenance services. Moreover, homeowners can conveniently check the price of each service and product as well as make an appointment with the maintenance team online using the appointment calendar. Only after the homeowner has approved the maintenance work will the system transfer the payment to the maintenance team. Most importantly, the platform will select the best teams for home owners.

The platform aims to cater to the needs of customers who have faced problems in seeking and making appointments with maintenance teams, while eliminating the issue of unfinished work, overpricing, over budget, sub-standard maintenance work, disputes with maintenance teams, and difficulties in fixing issues, all of which has made home improvement and renovation immensely troublesome. Meanwhile, this platform allows maintenance teams to receive a steady stream of jobs and timely payments once the work is completed while offering a work management system and giving credit to the maintenance professional to be able to access funds for small contractors. Thanks to our partnership with the Provincial Electricity Authority and the PEA Hero Care and Service program, we can now showcase our strength in our system and platform expertise to service and offer a good experience for customers together.”

The “PEA Hero Care and Service” application has officially been launched on December 25, 2019 in Pathum Thani and Nakhon Pathom provinces, with nationwide services to be offered in the beginning of Q2 in 2020. For more information, please contact the call center at 02-725-4955 while the PEA Hero Care and Service mobile application for Android and IOS can be downloaded today.

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