CPAC Green Solution and 50 Business Partners Join Forces to Drive ESG 4 Plus, Aiming to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Green Construction

CPAC Green Solution continues its quest to achieve SCG’s ESG 4 Plus by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with 50 companies to raise the standard and develop construction workmanship. The goal is to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and implement the “Go Green” approach in the construction process by embracing solutions and technologies that turn waste into value and use renewable resources. This strategy will help transform losses into gains by bolstering the Thai construction industry, boosting business growth, and enhancing social and environmental well-being.

Chana Poomee, Vice President – Cement and Green Solution Business, Cement-Building Materials of SCG, said CPAC Green Solution, as a provider of total construction solutions, expanded its business to meet industry standards, focusing on living, house construction, building construction, residential dwelling, and utilities. It continues to develop technologies and solutions to address challenges in all aspects. CPAC has joined forces with 50 companies and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to facilitate the exchange of expertise and knowledge in manufacturing to build technology and innovation solutions for living. The effort conforms to the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) development framework, which is a global business standard, following SCG’s ESG 4 Plus approach (Set Net Zero, Go Green, Reduce Inequality, Embrace Collaboration, plus Fairness and Transparency). The collaboration will promote the concept of improving the quality of products and services to fulfill the needs of customers holistically, with the goal of creating value for all stakeholders. This can be accomplished through collaboration with business partners who have a diverse range of expertise and skills to reinforce and support one another while improving capabilities, empowering, and integrating construction, repair, building materials development, and construction technologies for collaborative development and advancement towards systematic systems in a sustainable manner.

Among 50 business domestic and international partners are Watkinson (Thailand) Company Limited, a wholesale supplier of civil engineering, mining, and construction machinery and equipment; Sangfah Construction Company Limited, a high-rise building construction company; Autodesk Inc, an American multinational software company that provides software products and services to the architectural, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries; Thai Isowall Company Limited, the first and only manufacturer of insulation panels that has been granted the exclusive license to produce ISOWALL products in Thailand; and Aluforms (Thailand) Company Limited, a company that produces and sells aluminum for construction.

“CPAC Green Solution believes that this business partnership will be a significant milestone in the private sector as we work together to enhance the Thai construction industry domestically and internationally, taking into account all dimensions. This is to achieve common goals and develop construction innovations and solutions in Thailand for the country to expand sustainably while improving the manufacturing process of products and services, as well as collaborative efforts among enterprises in the construction industry. This also includes maximizing the efficiency of construction resource management to create value for communities, society, and the country, concluded Chana Poomee.

Published on: Jun 20, 2022 

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