CPAC Forges Ahead with the “Green Construction” Strategy Leveraging Digital Technology to Drive Construction Innovation

CPAC has revealed that it will be carry out its business operations in line with ESG principles through its ‘Green Construction’ strategy with the target to drive revenue by leveraging digital technology to create innovation in every stage of construction to “increase value-decrease loss” and to offer total solutions to customers – from design to construction – with the aim to elevate the construction industry in Thailand towards sustainable development.

Mr. Chana Poomee, Vice President – Cement and Construction Solution Business and Executive Director of CPAC ,Cement-Building Materials Business said that in 2021, the business operation plan for the Concrete Products and Aggregate Co., Ltd. or CPAC is to carry out its operations sustainably in line with the Environmental, Social and Governance principle or ESG which is SCG’s vision to do business with consideration to the environment and society with good governance.

To drive this vision, CPAC will use its ‘Green Construction’ strategy with the aim to “elevate” construction standards in Thailand to become environmentally-friendly in every stage of construction to drive sustainable growth such as using resources and construction materials to its maximum value to lower the impact on the environment and achieve public health standards, utilizing renewable resources, turning waste or loss to wealth, and giving back to society through the development of total innovative solutions with CPAC Green Construction Solution.

“CPAC will increase the proportion of business operations in the ‘Green Construction’ category through Green Products and Green Solutions in order to ensure continuous revenue growth and cater to the demands of customers who care for the environment because we want to take part in caring for the earth.”

He added that the success of Green Construction lies in the ability to use “digital and construction technology” to drive “construction innovation” that will lead to end-to-end service solution, from design, construction, to after care, as well as solving issues due to inefficient construction and old technology that negatively impacts the environment. Meanwhile, the key construction innovations from CPAC are:

  • CPAC Drone Solution: an innovation for the assessment of the overall construction area using drones to collect information on the elevation and overall terrain which are analyzed to map the project. The technology can be adapted in multiple industries and can lower the rate of construction error, enhance the efficiency of land use, increase safety, and decrease construction time.
CPAC Drone Solution
  • CPAC BIM: the implementation of digital technology to manage construction projects which allows all stakeholders to understand the construction ecosystem in every step. The process improves design precision and can detect design errors prior to construction while monitoring the speed of construction to ensure that it is in line with the project’s target. Moreover, once the project is delivered, the data gained from the system can be used for the management of the next project. The system also lowers the rate of rejects, rework, and waste.
  • CPAC 3D Printing Solution: a new construction technology that uses a computer program to design and control the construction process using 3D printers. The solution enables structures and buildings to be constructed in desired shapes and forms while decreasing construction time and lowering the use of labor as well as the amount of waste generated on construction sites. This innovation can also be adapted to produce other decorative concrete products such as furniture and bases for coral larval settlement.
CPAC 3D Printing Solution

“To promote Green Construction, we need to collaborate with all stakeholders, from owners, contractors, technicians, construction service providers, architects, material producers, and material distributors, from the national level to local level. We must also coordinate with the public sector to exchange knowledge, develop technology, and adopt circular economy in practical ways by using world-class digital technology to elevate construction projects to utilize construction materials to its maximum value in order to create Green & Wealth Society,” said Mr. Chana.

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Published on: Mar 23, 2021 

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