BMW Group Thailand collaborates with 6 leading organisations, propelling ‘CHOICEISYOURS’ project into 2nd successful year, empowering future generations’ creativity within ‘Circular Economy’

Bangkok. BMW Group Thailand, along with the Chaipattana Foundation, Microsoft Thailand, and SCG, is spearheading the expansion of the ‘CHOICEISYOURS’ project in its second year. To accomplish this, three of Thailand’s leading organisations: Central Group, Delta Electronics (Thailand), and Noble Development have joined the project to encourage university students across the country to showcase their environmentally-friendly innovations that align with the concept of the ‘Circular Economy’. The project’s main objective is to empower future g enerations in creating a sustainable society and environment across all aspects. Additionally, it aims to encourage internship opportunities with renowned organisations, both at the national and global levels.

The ‘CHOICEISYOURS’ sustainability ideas contest is organised with the purpose of fostering awareness about environmental issues from the perspective of university students. It aims to encourage active participation among the project’s participants, communities and organisations in promoting the sustainable use of natural resources and the development of the environment for optimal benefit. The project also solidifies all seven organisations’ commitment in creating positive changes for a better world and society at large.

The distinctive aspect of CHOICEISYOURS 2023 lies in granting students the freedom to showcase their creativity by applying the principles of the Circular Economy to make a significant impact on the behaviour and ways of life within a community or society, revolving around four key topics: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. From the programme, a distinguished group of twelve students representing the six top-scoring teams will be granted the opportunity to select their desired partner organisations for an internship, in line with their individual preferences and aspirations. The application period for the programme will commence on 8 June and run until 9 July 2023. On 24 July 2023, a list of 30 qualified teams to undertake supplementary knowledge training activities and field trips in August and October will be announced. To find the winners, 30 teams will pitch their projects in front of the judging panel in November 2023.

The continuation of the CHOICEISYOURS project for two consecutive years exemplifies the business sector’s steadfast commitment to collaborating and working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals through cultivating and raising awareness among the young generation, who will play vital roles as future global citizens. The project has garnered strong cooperation from prominent partner organisations that were instrumental in its inception in 2022. They are now poised to further strengthen their collaboration, fostering an even more robust and impactful alliance. In collaboration with three additional partner organisations, known for their unwavering commitment to sustainability efforts encompassing the environment, community and society, widespread awareness of the project will be raised among students and the public alike. All parties will also unite to share knowledge and foster collective strategies aimed at maximising the potential of Thai students.

  • BMW Group Thailand embodies a visionary approach focused on raising awareness about environmental issues and striving to keep the world’s average temperature below 5˚ Celsius, as outlined in the Paris Agreement. This commitment is exemplified through the integration of cutting-edge technology and conceptual designs across vehicle models, aimed at reducing energy and resource consumption. By doing so, BMW Group Thailand embraces its social responsibility while prioritising the wellbeing of the environment, climate and overall quality of life.
  • The Chaipattana Foundation actively engages in product development under the PATPAT brand under the esteemed Royal Seal of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. The organisation is committed to creating value for local products in each community by incorporating innovative knowledge and practices to make a significant distinction and improve
    the quality of the work.
  • Microsoft (Thailand) will be carbon negative by 2030 as a result of revolutionary innovations that unleash the potential of everyone – whether in work or private life, including the development of new solutions that contribute to the planet’s long-term sustainability.
  • SCG is committed to conducting business in accordance with sustainable development in all dimensions, in keeping with the principles of the Circular Economy. The company adheres to the ‘SCG Circular Way’, a framework that enables continuous operations centred on the efficient and cost-effective exploitation of resources at every level, from upstream to downstream, including design, manufacturing and utilisation. The company is poised to elevate its sustainability efforts by transitioning to the ESG framework (Environmental, Social, Governance) with ESG-4 Plus. This framework encompasses four key pillars: 1. Set Net–Zero 2. Go Green 3. Reduce Inequality Embrace Collaboration, plus harnessing good governance. In the second year of CHOICEISYOURS project, SCG aims at promoting the concept of “Circular Design” which students can use to build on their project ideas. The Circular Design concept can be integrated into products, services, and solutions to encourage reusing in a more efficient and easier way while reducing waste to be managed.
  • Central Group actively promotes the concept of ‘Creating Shared Values’, aiming to foster sustainable growth through its ‘Central Tham’ project. This initiative focuses on developing the economy of local communities, reducing inequality and providing equal opportunities for all members of society. Central Group achieves these goals by promoting career opportunities for individuals with disabilities, sharing knowledge and skills, supporting sales channels and marketing communications, and demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the world’s leading manufacturer of power supplies and energy management products, electronic components and electric vehicle chargers, has been recognised for its sustainable practices. The company has earned a place in esteemed global sustainability indexes such as the DJSI, MSCI and CDP. This acknowledgement underscores Delta Electronics’ (Thailand) commitment to driving sustainable solutions and exemplifies its dedication to environmental and social responsibility while promoting recycled materials and tracking carbon footprint of its products. The company is ready to work with partners in improving social sustainability and driving forward the potential of new generations in accordance with the carbon neutrality goals.
  • Noble Development Public Company Limited, a leading real estate developer in Thailand, focuses on conducting business with environmental, social and governance responsibility (ESG) together with the development of sustainable real estate projects that genuinely cater to the needs of customers – from the design to functional value. The company is prepared to foster creativity and ignite fresh inspiration among students, empowering them to develop their own projects that inspire a collective commitment to caring for a sustainable environment.

Interested university students can find more information and submit their applications at As part of the application process, they are required to submit an introduction video showcasing their team, project ideas and a brief experimental plan. The application period will be open from 8 June to 9 July 2023. Additionally, students can stay updated with project-related information by following the official Facebook page at The 30 winning teams successfully advancing to the first round will be announced on 24 July 2023, on the official CHOICEISYOURS Facebook page. The final winner of the competition will be officially announced in November 2023.

Published on: Jun 9, 2023

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