AVEVA and SCG Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver ‘Digital Reliability Platform’ Supporting the implementation of Industry 4.0

AVEVA, the global leader in engineering and industrial software, and Chemicals Business of SCG, one of the largest petrochemical companies in Thailand and a key industry player in Asia, today announced their strategic partnership to develop a Digital Reliability Platform (DRP), a complete asset performance management (APM) solution to predict equipment health, monitor performance, and enable advanced maintenance across its operations to eliminate unplanned downtime. The strategic partnership brings together the expertise of both organizations to create a digital solution that meets the demand of the industrial industry.  DRP was completed through a collaborative effort between AVEVA and Chemicals Business, SCG, and will jointly launch the Digital Reliability Platform to the market as a solution to improve total asset performance management aligning with the concept of industry 4.0.

Asset reliability is critical for asset intensive businesses such as petrochemicals companies. Unplanned shutdowns cause significant negative impacts on petrochemical value chains. Digital transformation initiatives enable businesses to address this risk by harnessing data to build and deploy an advanced APM solution to monitor critical assets and predict failure towards a goal of zero unplanned shutdowns. The solution integrates online and offline equipment data to visualize plant performance, enhance workforce efficiency, and apply artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive maintenance and problem solving.

“This is a great achievement for Chemicals Business, SCG since reliability is a critical element to our business. With the innovative approach of Digital Reliability Platform, we ensure that we can eliminate the business risks posed by unplanned downtime. In our quest for a partner, AVEVA was the only company to provide an end-to-end solution spanning engineering, operations, and maintenance. With the DRP, we have successfully brought together big data, AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics into a practical solution that will empower our workers and improve our performance,” said Mr. Mongkol Hengrojanasophon, Vice President Olefins Business and Operations, Chemicals Business, SCG.

Moreover, this partnership will include launching the Digital Reliability Platform Solutions to the market. This would be the first complete and unique digital solutions which combine both breakthrough technology and industrial specific information, added Mr. Mongkol.

AVEVA and SCG Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver ‘Digital Reliability Platform’

“Our strategic partnership with Chemicals Business, SCG is a major milestone for us in leveraging the strength of our portfolio to deliver value through digital transformation. We are proud to be part of this collaboration that improves operational efficiency and reliability to achieve zero unplanned downtime by maximizing asset availability with predictive and prescriptive maintenance. The standardized systems and processes defined through this collaboration will also result in improved workforce efficiency,” said Ravi Gopinath, Chief Cloud Officer and Chief Product Officer at AVEVA.

The Digital Reliability Platform will bring together digital innovations and practitioner knowledge to increase production efficiency and safety, creating a new competitive standard within the industry.

For those who interested in Digital Reliability Platform (DRP), please contact: repcoiss@scg.com and more SCG updates can be found at https://scgnewschannel.com / Facebook: scgnewschannel / Twitter: @scgnewschannel or Line@: @scgnewschannel.

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